July 06, 2012

Fashion Friday: Repeat Boutique - Summer 2012

Biyearly Knoxville's Repeat Boutique holds a clearance sale spanning the months of January and June.  Items begin to be sold at a 40% discount, followed by a 50% the next week, and finally 70% the final week of the sale.

The sale is a traditional for my family as well as others - each year we run into familiar faces.  The boutique has plenty of "repeat" customers (sorry, I couldn't resist!)

This year, I didn't manage to snag as many finds as normal.  I usually budget between $50-100 for each trip, and at 70% off consignment prices that's a big haul o'loot!

This isn't a commercial for them - promise!

I wanted to share with you a few of the goodies I snagged this year.  And yes, I was disappointed that I didn't get more.  For a grand total of $14.09 (9.5% TN sales tax included) I purchased the following:

A gold undershirt/tank.  
I'm of the opinion a girl can never have too many of these!  I'm not sure what I'll wear with this color, but for $2 it doesn't hurt to have it on hand.

American Eagle tank
This one has a drawstring right at the chest - my smallest part.  I love it because it makes me look skinny while also hiding some of my pudges.

Gap tank
Once again, fitted at my smallest part - flowy everywhere else.  I'm probably wearing this one today, visiting a friend in South Carolina. (I'm traveling and this was scheduled so forgive me if I don't comment on your blog until next week!)

Gap brown tank
Nothing special about this one, but I have plenty of dresses/shirts that it will look great under.  These days I feel self conscious if I don't wear an undershirt.

J. Crew Sweater
This was the most expensive purchase - double the $2 average price-per-piece.  The sweater didn't hardly look worn, and will be great for this summer in my over air-conditioned office.

Maybe I've read too much Jen Hatmaker or am too concerned about the lack of closet space in the new cabin.  Either way I saved some serious coin this time around only picking a few items.

What's the best deal you've ever gotten on a piece of clothing?  What's your shopping routine - do you shop for the fun of it, or out of necessity?  

Happy Weekend!!

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  1. Awesome deals !Love j crew, just can't afford j crew.
    I always wear under tanks too.


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