July 04, 2012

I hope you are spending this Independence Day with someone you love.  I'm taking the day off, but wanted to celebrate with you by sharing these videos.

The first is one I took after a Tennessee Smokies baseball game.  They are the Chicago Cubs AA affiliate and shoot off fire works every Friday night home game.  Here is just a brief clip:

The other is from one of my all-time favorite movies Independence Day.  As a side note, I loved Major Mitchell (aka Adam Baldwin) before I ever saw him on Chuck or Firefly.

Sadly (or am I awesome) I had this entire speech memorized.

Happy 4th!!!


  1. Happy 4th of July!! LOVE that movie! We saw it in the theater with some really sweet friends a couple of weeks before we got married!

    {p.s. Why aren't your posts showing up in my reader?!?! I re-subscribed, but I guess it redirects to your other blog? idk...}


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