July 12, 2012

Fireball Classic 5K - Race Report

Sorry I'm a bit late on this race report!  As a result, I'm sure I will accidentally leave out important snippets along the way.  Between my mom and me, however, we got some pretty good pictures, so hopefully they will make up for the lack of fine detail.

My parents decided to tag along - as always they made the racing experience all the more fun.  I snapped a few pre-race pictures, then took off on a warm up.  I ran into these guys along the way and just had to get a picture.  Being the heroes that they are, they couldn't say no to a photo op!

(from left to right Thor, Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Captain America)

After another warm-up pass, it was time to line up.  I'm claustrophobic, and not a huge fan of crowds, so lining up was a bit difficult on me.  I like getting towards the front so I don't have to fight my way around people to pass, but I also enjoy NOT panicking/hyperventilating pre-race.  I settled on a mid-pack spot and waited for the gun.

Race time temps were supposed to be in the high 80s, but one of the ladies I was lined up next to said it was mid 70s.  If that was the case the humidity had to be at a billion percent because it felt HOT!  Thankfully the race start time was 9 PM, so we at least didn't have the sun to contend with.

I tried to start off fast, but had to spend the majority of the first mile passing other runners.  Given the weather conditions, I wasn't hoping for a PR but I wanted to race my best.  This race is ran on the same road as my current PR and I very much enjoy it.

Mile 1 - 9:15

During the 2nd mile I expected traffic to ease up, but it really didn't.  I was still passing people as I made it to the turn around spot and headed back.  After a brief up hill spurt, the cluster broke up a bit by that point the exhaustion (from passing?  from the humidity?) had kicked in and I couldn't will myself to go any faster.

Mile 2 - 9:36

The next mile was more of the same.  The fire department had a truck along the course spraying us with water, but since I'd brought my iPod along I skirted the outside of the spray.  Bummer too, because I'm sure it felt great for all who ran through it.

Mile 3 - 9:36

I had told my parents to look for me between the 25 minute (a girl can dream, right?) and 30 minute mark.  No matter what I wanted this race to be sub 30, but beyond that I really didn't have a goal.  As I neared the finish line I saw my dad with a cowbell.  He immediately started ringing it and looking towards the finish line.

My mom wasn't with him, and I quickly figured out this was the system they had set up for him to signal her to get the camera ready.  Apparently they didn't do a great job of spacing themselves, because she ended up getting a picture of my back.  The picture looks horrid and makes me look much larger than I am, so I will not be sharing it.  I do, however, applauded their attempt.

(this isn't the above-mentioned picture)

After crossing the finish line, racers were given a bottle of water and a cold, wet towel.  Add to that the Rita's Italian Ice in the snack line and I'd have to say this race had the best after party I've seen at a shorter distance.

How'd I do?

Gun Time: 30:26  
Chip Time: 29:38

Not a PR, but before this year sub 30 was a big goal of mine.  If I can go out and do that on any given race, I consider that a win!


  1. You did great for an evening race in that heat and humidity. And your post-race festivities were so much better than mine. :) I would have paid good money for italian ice (or a cold, wet towel!)

    Great job!

  2. O.K. It took me until the end to realize that this was a night race. I kept thinking "Wow, the sun doesn't rise until after 9am? That's odd."

    Yes, I know. Leave me alone.

    Great job on hitting that sub 30 mark!

    Stop being mean to pictures of your legs.


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