July 31, 2009

Weekend randomness

Today is the one day a month I'm always emotion. Always. At least its like clock work so I know Friday of week 3 is going to be crappy no matter what. Sometimes the emotions vary, but today its frustrated and stressed.

I have two work projects I need to do that are really stressing me out. Both of which would take 30 minutes or less if I new what I was doing. I'm not a patient person by nature, so when I'm feeling anxious its even worse.

I'm taking today off as far as exercise goes (hurrah!) because I have a 5K tomorrow. I'm worried that I won't beat (or even match) the time of my first 5K. How embarrassing would that be? I had just finished the Couch to 5K program and had only ran 3 miles one time! I've had 3 months of training since then. I'll let you know how I do next week...unless I suck then I won't.

After the 5K its off to Build-a-Bear with my niece to help her spend her $20 gift certificate that Boo & Jay got her for her birthday (thanks to a giveaway from the Diaper Diaries).

She's already excited about building a rabbit, and is convinced it'll be perfect since Aunt Boo has experience building a stuffed animal (when she was little I made her "Princess" bear). She also inherited Gramma Cookie from her baby sitter, but has never had the opportunity to make her own.

She (yes, she is just 5) and I both have Starbucks gift cards, so I think we're going to swing by and pick up an afternoon coffee as well.

Then Sunday its back home for her & the little man (who's 14 months). We are just getting them this weekend because my sister and BIL have tickets to the American Idol concert in Charlotte.

I'm thankful for Rachel's Meetings, Marriages, and Memories carnival, because I'm always a little sad after having to say goodbye to the kids (they live 2 hours away). I'm sure it'll cheer me up think about how Jay and I became an official couple (and as requested, I'll be posting pics of my alter ego - the goddess Athena).

I'll leave you with a "kids say the darnedest things" moment - since she was little, my niece has been taught by her mom to say "Go Mets!" The weekend I had her, I taught her to say "Go Yankees!"

So one day out of the blue last week, she tells her mom that she wants to split time between them and my house like some of her friends do. She wants to live we me some because she and I "both like Go Yankees."

July 30, 2009

Brooke vs English Ivy - Round 3

Most of the flowers in the bed by my sidewalk were planted by the previous owner - including some obnoxious English Ivy. I'm sure it was pretty when she planted it, but abandoned for a year and it started to take over the entire bed.

After a good rain, I attempted to do battle with the ivy with just my bare hands. As you green thumbers can probably guess - it didn't help out much. Some of the newer ivy I was able to pull out by the root, but most of it was firmly rooted into the ground.

Round 2 came with the assistance of my parents. Our home is surrounded with red clay, so my parents brough a truckload of regular dirt to act as a top soil. My mom brought two spades (thankfully she left her extra with me) and we took care of the ivy that was choking out some of my other flowers, while my dad took the hand held tiller to the more open parts of the flower bed.

The tiller was a great idea, seemingly the only part of round 2 that worked. Its been a rainly summer, so it didn't take long for a few patches of ivy to sprout up again. Mostly close to the sidewalk (I dug down far enough to see that the roots have actually grown under the sidewalk), the brick foundation, and around the flowers. Basically where we either couldn't dig down deep enough, or were afraid to lose the other flowers.

I took my spade out for round 3, which only took me about 30 minutes. Both my mother and another gardening friend have told me that I'll be fighting the ivy for the next year or two. Its sort of frustrating - I like projects I can tackle then mark off my list. At least I know now though, that the fights will be shorter and shorter.

Now on to the other features of my garden. (click to enlarge)

My irises have already bloomed and they were gorgeous. A few roses are still around, but they've seen better days.

There is a gorgeous patch of black-eyed susans.

I'm not quite sure what this purple flower is...Mari? Anyone?

The one contribution that we've added is a couple of sunflowers. My mom has some at her house, so she brought last year's seeds and planted them earlier in the year.

July 29, 2009

Weigh-in Wednesday - Changing it up

No terribly exciting news to report this week. I maintained from last week (EEEEEEEE) which means I'm still in the 120s, 2 pounds from getting my 10# button, and 4# away from my goal weight.

Jay wants me to stop when I get to my goal weight, while I prefer the evaluate what 125 looks like and then decide from there method. It all depends on where I'm losing it from. If its starting to come off my legs, then I want to keep pushing. Otherwise its not worth it.

Also this week I added two new activities - swimming and tennis. Both were fun, although I can't claim to be good at either. The current plan is to run 3 times a week, do the weights class twice a week (swimming those mornings) and play tennis once a week.

Even though we're not currently in a challenge, I hope you're keeping up the hard work and getting closer to your personal goals!

Also, if you don't mind, please say a quick prayer for me. I've got an interview this morning for a promotion. It'd be a promotion and a pay increase, but also more responsiblity and stress.

July 28, 2009

Official Land Owners!!

Our bout at the auction didn't go in our favor - the cabins all went for around $20K more than we were willing to pay. So instead of using our savings for a down payment, we're paying off our land today!!

We've been paying online, but when we called to get the payoff they said you either had to mail the final check in or bring it down to the office. I transfered the money from savings to checking yesterday, and Jay will be paying them a visit this afternoon!!

As promised, here are some pictures of the land. They were taken last fall right after we purchased it, which is why the land looks cold and dreary.

(click to enlarge)

Lot 9 wasn't our first choice, but it was pretty high on our list. We were surprised when the bidders kept picking other lots. For those of you not familiar with auctions - this particular was was "bidders choice." That means that they start off the bidding and the high bidder gets to pick which lot they want - rather than just saying "we're auctioning lot 1" then proceeding with the bids.

One thing we loved about the lot were the old trees.

We've discussed putting the house near the trees - its the perfect spot to still have a huge back yard and a good sized driveway.

Then of course, there is the view that will be out my kitchen window.

And our neighbors will make our farm house feel authentic.

One of the buyers at the auction purchases several lots (4 i think) and is now in the process of building a million dollar home. Real estate wisdom tells you not to be the nicest home in the subdivision - looks like this guy is making it so we definitely don't have to worry about that!!

We've currently got a guy mowing the lot for us in exchange for the hay. I hope he's mowed it recently so we can have a celebratory picnic this weekend.

July 27, 2009

MM&M: Jay Meets Athena

Rachel is hosting another round of Meetings, Marriages, and Memories!

Previously on MM&M - the Brooke & Jay story - Our young couple meets on myspace, then in real life, and our bashful heroine gets tired of the young gentleman to make the first move and pounces. Little does he know that she's more feisty than he originally realized...

I was nervous talking to Jay after our first kiss, especially since I suspected I had rushed things a bit. The kiss date (our 3rd) was on Tuesday the 24th of October—Jay’s birthday. I thought it was a good sign that he wanted to spend his birthday with me, but I was still worried that the kiss at the end of the night had been a bit aggressive on my part.

All my fears were put to rest when Jay expressed interest in going out again that weekend. I definitely wanted to see him again, but my schedule was a little tight. That Friday night I had a KFW wrestling show and the following morning I was heading to Green Bay to see the Packers take on the Arizona Cardinals at Lambeau field.

When I told Jay, his reaction surprised me. Not only was he not weirded out that I was involved in a local wrestling organization, but he volunteered to come watch.
Athena-my wrestling character-is a snob. Her main purpose is to talk down to the audience, insulting them as much as possible. On top of that, her wardrobe is a little more risqué than I would wear.

I worried that Jay didn’t know what he was getting in to and that he would think badly of me. He seemed to think it would be fun, so I sucked it up and gave him directions to the Triple C dance barn (home to most of the KFW shows).

He sent me a text message when he got there and I met him out in the parking lot. He was so impressed with the night’s events that he wrote his first (and only) myspace blog about it. When he told me later that he was going to blog about it, I was very curious as to how he would refer to me. He couldn’t exactly call me his girlfriend, since we weren’t an official couple. Would he use the dreaded f word and call me his ‘friend’? Would he refer to me as a girl that he’d been dating? Actually he played it safe and just called me by my names (Brooke & Athena).

The show was eventful to say the least. I felt bad for leaving him on his own, but Athena had duties she had to attend to, mainly preparing the tongue-lashing she was about to unleash on the crowd. Thankfully, Athena’s duties were over with fairly early in the night, so I put on my fleece jacket and headed downstairs to enjoy my date.

The big attraction for the night was a flaming tables match. The rules state that the first person to set a table on fire and put his opponent through it wins. This type matched had been successfully attempted previously in the KFW, so it was considered old hat.

...Only the person buying the lighter fluid chose charcoal lighter fluid instead of cigarette lighter fluid. No matter how hard they tried or how much fluid they doused on the table, they couldn’t get it to light. It seemed as if everyone in the building (fans included) made an attempt to set the table on fire to no avail.

That was of course, until some genius in the crowd decided to light a napkin on fire and tossed it onto the table. That was all it took and the flames leaped to the ceiling. Thankfully the KFW security had the fire extinguishers and put out the flames before the whole building caught on fire.

Jay and I sat there as the cloud from the fire extinguisher came closer and closer to us. I assumed it would just be like a cloud of smoke that would pass by us, smell nasty, and then go away. The cloud made the air so thick it was impossible to breathe; I felt like I was suffocating.

I covered my mouth with my fleece jacket, hopped over the railing, and high tailed it out the door. A band had played earlier in the night before the first bell had sounded, and they had stuck around so we got a mini-front porch concert. Surprisingly, once the smoke cleared, we headed back in for the main event.

After it was finally over, he walked me to my car where we chatted for a little bit. Then it finally happened: he went in for a kiss. Unlike our first kiss, this one wasn’t rushed. He leaned in and brushed his lips against mine, then pulled back only slightly. With his arms still around me, we said our goodbyes, and then he kissed me again. I got into my car and headed home with butterflies floating around in my stomach.

Just a few days after the event, he summarized it by writing the following:

After worrying I wouldnt be able to find the place, I arrived without a hitch thanks to terrific directions from Brooke! "Go 5 miles past the high school and look for the big barn with Triple C on the side before the fillin station" - Ok, so maybe she didn't say "fillin' station", but you get the point! First mission accomplished! The atmosphere of the place was great - a bar in a barn with a honky-tonk band playing and dance floor...what more could you ask for!!! I was accompanied by Brooke (aka Athena Goddess and referred to as such from here on out!).

I knew I was in for a treat when the house band played Steve Holy's "Brand New Girlfriend" and wrestling began to the introduction song of "Welcome to the Jungle" (WHO DEY!! I love my Cincinnati Bengals!). Let the wrestling begin!!! It began with the World Champion (thanks to Athena for clarifying the varying titles) Overkill talking smack about taking away the belt! After a match, I realized wrestling was not my "cup of tea" - but just as I was beginning to get a bit antsy, the real reason why I ventured to Triple C took the stage - Athena the Goddess of the KFW.

Looking gorgeous and wearing her ever so fitting crown, she put the wrestlers in their place, telling them they were missing one crucial ingredient in order for them to have the opportunity to fight for the World Championship Belt - RESPECT! Said in a true lady like fashion (while sounds of fans yelling to "Smack the B*tch" filled the background!) she laid down the law and made clear who is the boss...Athena...the General Manager of the KFW! Now that the wrestling had subsided and Athena was the center of attention, I was able to smile, laugh, and get involved in what the heck was going on again!

A couple matches followed - and with the expertise of Athena, I was informed the move one of the wrestlers did I liked was called the "Figure 4". I also learned when the referree counts past three when they are doing something illegal it does not mean the match is over!! Here I was thinking the match had ended because "Nasty Nate" had counted past 3 - it was a good thing Athena was there by my side or I'd have looked like a complete blithering idiot - instead it was only partial idiocy!

The next match was set...I was informed it was going to be a "flaming table" bout. The first to get tossed through a table engulfed in flames was the loser of the match. I thought to myself...now here comes the real excitement! Son...I didnt even know the half of it. Initially, they had a difficult time setting the table (apparently flame resistant) on fire - lighter fluid/kerosene was doused all over the table and people tried lighting it with lighters to no avail.

About 30 seconds passed and random fans came to the rescue placing their lighters on the table as well. Still, no fire....just as I was beginning to lose hope and there would be no fire show someone placed some paper on the table. Goodness, that did the trick! Before you could do a tap out count there were blazing flames up to the ceiling - from my vantage point, I could feel the immense heat from what was supposed to be a "little fire" that had grown out of control (haha...perhaps it was the whole frickin can of lighter fluid they drenched the table with!!).

Luckily, there were fire extinguishers on hand and were deployed quickly. The "smart" people in the crowd left the scene as soon as it was released - they herded through the pickett rails in order, but with a sense of urgency. I was still sitting, taking in the moment with half amusement and half "what the h*ll do I do now" when the smoke from the extinguisher came tumbling in like a mini ploom from the 9/11 disaster.

Before I knew it Athena and I were engulfed in the smoke/extinguisher clouds. It was time to do something....and fast! We pulled the neck of our shirts over our face and Athena did a "Lambeau Leap" over the railing and I quickly followed, heading for the doors and fresh air.

The leap was quite ironic because just a couple minutes prior Athena had snuck up behind me next to the railing and scared the bejesus outta me by flopping my hoodie over my head. I urged her to hop over the fence and join me - she said that was not very "lady like"...Haha...Lady like gets thrown out the door when fire, smoke, and that distinct taste of extinguisher are involved!:-)

It was definitely a good time for an intermission! Everyone gathered outside on the porch and the band did some accoustic pickin of some Toby Keith's "A little less talk, a lot more action" - with a quick wit the guy did a slight variance to the song singing "A lot more talk a little less smokin action"! The very odd taste of the extinguisher was still lingering, so I hoofed it over to the Jeep and picked up my handy Orange Powerade! After I thoroughly enjoyed seeing a little kid (about 1.5 or 2 years old) decked out in a cowboy hat and boots dancing on the porch, the wrestling action was about to reconvene.

But before the wrestling was to begin, Athena had some business to take care of (sorry to embarrass you, but this was darn near the cutest thing ever!). We were standing on the porch and somewhat out of the blue she says in a quiet, innocent voice "I need you to turn your back to me and close your eyes" (or something to that effect).

Surprised, initially I did not know what was going on! She didnt tell me "earmuffs" or I probably would not have been able to decipher the sound of her hawking a big loogie off the deck and into the parking lot (ok, so that was a MAJOR exaggeration, it was more like a tiny little spit!). Regardless, it was definitely adorable (not the act itself, but the shyness associated with it...oh and the act wasnt too bad either...) I figure she probably got some pretty good distance despite the nasty prevailing winds whipping around the area! (Brooke here - just wanted to say that I'm not a spitter. I just had fire extinguisher crap in my mouth. Its definitely a rule changer!)

Apparently the Triple C Barn owners tightened the leash a little after the fire incident and some of the stunts (such as the flourescent light bulb being smashed over a guy's head!) were nixed! The other wrestling matches were a bit of a blur, except the long awaited "Casket Match" which featured the fight for the World Championship Belt. After a long and exciting battle, Overkill retained his belt and title.

Whew...I had survived my first KFW Experience! Although the wrestling action was without question very thought out, athletic, and somewhat entertaining, I have decided I'm not getting into the ring anytime soon and will not be one of the most avid fans in attendence. Talk about some hardcore fans - at the end one of the wrestler's girlfriends was struck in the back of the head by a rabbid fan! I had to ask if it was "part of the show" - but apparently not, just a honky-tonk cheap shot from an overzealous fan...I reckon!

Will I go back and watch the KFW again? Certainly, as long as Athena accompanies me...preferably we won't be engulfed in flames again! My shoes are still white from the extinguisher!

All things considered, a great night! Athena shined on the stage and was definitely the bright spot of the show as she exemplified her grace & elegance each time she took the stage (even while there were 50 something year old intoxicated women desperately urging the Wrestler's to "smack the b*tch" while she was talking smack!)

July 24, 2009

Financial Friday

One of two very exiting financial things will be happening for Jay & I within the next week. Either we'll begin the process of owning our first home - or we'll make our final land payment!!

We've saved up enough money to pay off the land - and trust me when we finally do it, I'll blog with pictures of the land. Jay wanted to hold off though, until this weekend.

Since we live in a tourist area, the cabin market is pretty heavy around here. Its actually the kind of real estate that Jay specializes in. Too many people bought rental cabins with not enough down, expecting the rental income to carry their payments.

Given the "current economic climate" (said in my best news anchor doom and gloom voice) people just aren't able to make their payments. There is a surplus in foreclosure cabins and I'm very proud of Jay, helping people buy 2nd homes or rental properties for half of what the cabins sold for 2-3 years ago.

What does that have to do with this weekend? An entire cabin development is being sold at an absolute auction this weekend. 50+ cabins are being sold, and Jay thinks there is a chance we could get a pretty good deal.

We've crunched the numbers to figure out how much we can afford to spend. Those numbers include taxes, insurance, HOA fees, AND how much it would cost to store our current furniture. The plan is to live in one of the cabins for a couple years while saving up for our dream home, then use it as a rental property. So we'd still need the cabin furniture for when we rent it out.

All of that to say, that if we're able to get a cabin this weekend we'll have to use the money saved as a downpayment on the house. Even if that happens, we'll be able to use the savings (difference between our current rent payment and what would be our smaller mortgage payment) to pay down the land quicker.

Pros of buying a cabin:
Owning instead of renting
Monthly savings on the lower payment
taking advantage of the $8,000 tax credit for first time home buyers
Jay has agreed to get rid of Ole Gray - the couch that's older than him and passed down from his father. Its the biggest, ugliest thing you've ever seen. Fortunately, it would cost too much money to store it :D
a hot tub on our back deck (comes with the furnishings)
community pool
trash pickup

Pros of paying off the land
$250 a month extra, to save toward the dream home
owning 5.5 acres of land outright
not having to move from a gorgeous home I have taken great pride in decorating

Sounds like I'm a winner either way.

Well except for the Saturday wasted at a boring auction.

So what do you have planned for the weekend?

July 23, 2009

Domestic Failure/Domestic Goddess

This week I'm proving to be both. On Saturday, I completely skipped all the house work that needed doing and headed straight to my parents house to hang out with my niece and nephew.

I've resolved to do the dusting, vacuuming, sweeping, and bathroom cleaning every night since then. Only its still not done. Give me a moment to remember my excuses.

Sunday...spent all day at my parents house playing with the kids. Even if I was home, I don't do housework on Sunday, unless my ox is in a ditch. Last time I checked I don't have an ox.

After taking a ride out to see Inez, my papaw took Jay to pick wild blackberries.

Monday...that was grocery shopping day. Ground turkey on sale for $0.99 a pound took priority over everything else. It was on sale at the first of the year and I stocked up on enough to do us several months. Our supply just recently got used up, so I was excited to replenish the freezer. I purchased 20 pounds, and since we eat 1 pound a week it should take us through the end of the year.

Tuesday...After my emotional breakdown I wasn't in the mood to do anything. I went home, cooked dinner, watched Everybody Loves Raymond, and sat on the couch for the rest of the night.

Wednesday...I ran two miles after work, then came home and made dinner. After dinner Jay and I went driving around looking at some cabins being auctioned off this weekend. If they go for low enough, we plan on buying one and moving into it for a few years. There were 26 that fit our criteria (2 bedroom + loft) so we did a lot of driving.

So there you have it, the reasons you can see lint gathering in my carpet. The reasons the kitchen floor feels gritty as you walk through. Tonight Jay probably won't be home till after dark, so I'm hoping that after my long (5.5 mile) run I'll use the peace and quiet to get the house work done.

And now on to my domestic success for the week.

The one thing I did do Tuesday night was make a cobbler. Jay and Papaw had picked too many blackberries to eat raw. My mom gave me a easy recipe so I tried it out. I hope this isn't the few times Jay reads my blog, because he was amazed at the cobbler. He kept asking me where I found the time. He complimented the crust "Isn't that the hardest part for people to get right?"

Little does he know that it was one of the easiest things I've ever made.

1/2 stick butter
1 cup flour
1 cup sugar
3/4 cup water
2-3 cups berries (or other fruit)

now i did have to let the berries sit in about a cup of sugar before adding them to the recipe, so that'd be an additional cup.

heat oven to 375 - melt butter in bottom of 9X9 baking dish
mix flour, sugar, and water in bowl. dump on top of melted butter. DO NOT MIX!
dump berries onto of flour mixture. DO NOT MIX!
bake for 25-35 minutes.

Jay liked it so good, he ate almost the entire cobbler. I got one modest piece that evening, and one piece to bring to work. He easily ate 2/3 of the cobbler in one sitting.

What's better than a woman who can cook? A woman with a smokin hot body that can cook. He told me last night that he would prefer me not to lose any more weight, but if I did, not to get under 125 or else I'd be too skinny. (Aren't those the words every woman wants to hear??)

July 22, 2009

Weigh-in Wednesday - Finally!!

We've come to the end of the Shrinking Days of Summer challenge, have you shrank as much as you'd hoped? I haven't but I'm very happy with my progress.

Starting weight: 133
Goal weight: 125
Current weight: 129.2

I did it ladies!!! I broke that 130 mark that I just kept hovering around!

4 pounds in 7 weeks isn't all that incredible, unless you factor in the fact that I'm down to my last 5-10 pounds.

I had decided that after this weigh-in, I would give myself a break. Not go back to my old eating habits, but take a week or so off of counting everything. I have a good enough idea in my head of portions, calories and such. I thought that I'd keep doing what I've been doing, only give myself a little slack on the accountability.

Now I'm motivated to keep going! Of course I'm not sure I'll be happy even if I do make it to my 125 goal, but it could take a while to get there so I'm not going to push it.

Honestly from the hips up, I can look at my body in the mirror and be happy. Now I need to just shift that downward to my thighs.

How'd you do this week? Hopefully you were able to finish this challenge strong. Unless you're team black, and you're the only thing standing between team maroon and last place! ;)

Thanks also, to everyone who gave me words of encouragement during my mini-breakdown yesterday. I addressed the problem and feel a million times better today about it.

July 21, 2009

Emotional Girl

I'll warn you now that this blog isn't going to be cohesive, or witty, or fun.

I'm one of those sensitive people that take everything to heart. I have a poor self image. I cry at the drop of a hat.

And I hate that I'm this way.

My mom insists that its a good thing - feeling this deeply means you can love, care, and sympathize more deeply.

But mostly I just think it sucks.

Especially when the people around you just don't get it, don't get how their actions can ruin your whole day.

I had a brief moment of triumph last night - I went Julia Sugarbaker on a salesman and it felt good.

Its amazing how quickly I went from being strong and confident to a pathetic pile of insecurity.

So now I just wanna crawl back in bed.

July 20, 2009

Its in His Kiss?

I thought our first date had gone very well. I very much liked him. And he seemed to enjoy my company, but at the end of the date there was no good night kiss. That weekend I overanalyzed what it could all mean.

Did it mean he wasn't as interested as I thought he was? I had picked up on what I thought were subtle hints that he was comfortable with me-his hand grazing my arm and the small of my back-but at the end of the date there was no kiss.

I'll admit that I was disappointed, but told myself it was a blind date so maybe he thought kissing me the first day he met me was a little forward. My natural inclination (and fear) was that he liked me as a person, but wasn't attracted to me in any way. Of course he said he wanted to get together again, but in the dating world that means nothing.

A friend of mine-Michelle-offered another suggestion as to why he hadn't made a move via email: "Sounds like a really fun date! He didn't kiss you? He MIGHT be a gentleman! See him again!!"

And of course I did. The following Tuesday we went out for dinner and then putt-putt golfing. I should say that he took me for dinner and he just sat there. He took a bite or two of his burger, and ate very few of his fries. He assured me that he had a big lunch and just wasn't hungry, but I didn't buy the story at the time. His story now is that he was so mesmerized by my beauty that he was too nervous to eat. I'm not buying that one either ;)

As we were driving to find a putt-putt course open in October, he leaned over, reached under my seat and said 'What's this?" I wondered if this was some new come on line and groping my calf was the way guys made the first move in Ohio. Turns out, he had bought me Lost: Season 2 on DVD and hidden it under the seat in his Jeep.

He said he had planned to hide it somewhere a little smoother, but couldn't get it worked out. I think he wanted it, along with some of his pride back after I kicked his rear in putt-putt. Or at least that's what I like to say; I still think that he let me win. No one as competitive as he is can be that bad at a sports-related activity can they?

At the end of the date there was plenty more talking in the Jeep, then another hug, and no sign of a good night kiss. Of course friends assured me there was nothing to worry about. He had given me the nice (and expensive) 2nd date gift. Surely he wouldn't have given me a present midway through the date if he wasn't romantically interested. I convinced myself that if the dining part of the date hadn't went well he would have kept the DVDs under the seat and ended the date.

I had conflicting reports on how I should approach the issue on the third date. My brother-in-law insisted that the guy should always be the one to make the first move, but that if Jay didn't kiss me by the 3rd date I should just be forward and ask him why he hadn't.

Another guy friend of mine cautioned me about the danger of getting into the friend zone, 3 dates and no action would probably mean the end of any romantic hopes I had with this guy. He encouraged me to be open for Jay making the move, or making the move myself if necessary.

"If you don't, the next thing you know he'll be calling you asking you why his newest date hasn't kissed him yet." Um...okay dude, point taken. Sorry!

Our third date was on Jay's 27th birthday. We went to the Brewery for dinner, and then afterward I gave him his birthday present-homemade chocolate chip cookies. (Yes, I baked them!) Since we couldn't decide what else to do on the date, we went back into the Brewery for drinks and to listen to the live music.

The singer didn't know any of the songs we requested, including Blake Shelton's "Nobody But Me". As the night came to a close, we said our goodbyes in the parking lot. I later explained to a friend via email that he had been "holding my hand and playing with it while we were standing by my car talking." Surely this would be the night that it would happen.

But as we leaned in to one another, it very much became a hug-type lean in. Right before we hugged one another, there was a quick peck on lips. At the time, I wasn't sure if he went for it or if I did. All I knew is that it had finally happened!

Although the more I thought of it, I got embarrassed because I knew that I had made the first move. I just had to hope that he wasn't put off by girls being too forward. I hoped for a 4th date, but I wasn't sure if he felt the same…

Rachel is hosting Meetings, Marriages, & Memories again this week - head on over to check out more love stories.

July 17, 2009

Randomness inspired by the Weekend

*I love being an aunt. Its seriously the best in the world. I get to have that unconditional love of a niece. She's such a princess that when she sees me she takes off in a run toward me and jumps into my arms.

Then there is Chuckles, who only stops giggling to stuff another cheese ball in his mouth. He's not quite old enough to get how awesome Aunt Boo is, but he'll get there.

*Not sure why insecurity runs in the family - my sister, knowing that we were going to the pool this weekend "forgot" to pack her bathing suit. I offered to let her borrow one and she told the princess to tell me that she didn't wear string bikinis with her ta-tas hanging out.

Little does she know that I own two one piece bathing suits.

Buried deep down in my dresser drawer. I'll knock the dust off and it'll be perfect for her.

*The a/c in our house broke last Friday. Its still not fixed. Do you know how difficult it is to sleep in a house thats 85 degrees - that's with the windows open and the fan running.

The repair guy came out on Monday. We're "extremely" low on freon. He said he'd have to wait (up to 3 days) for approval then he could come back out,find the leak, repair it, then fill us up with freon.

Even if you don't count Monday, yesterday would have been 3 days. And its still not fixed. If its not taken care of by Monday I'm going to throw a temper tantrum to rival one the princess could throw.

That is if she ever through one.

Not that she does.

Cause a princess doesn't throw temper tantrums.

Or bite her nails.

Or pick her noise.

Or eat her buggers.

Where was I?

Oh yeah opening a can of whoop @SS on the a/c repair guys. So I'm gonna.

So that's my weekend in a nutshell. What have you got planned?

July 16, 2009

Wilderness Waterpark

This past weekend my parents, Jay and I went to the Wilderness at the Smokies a hotel and indoor waterpark. I mocked my mother when she talked about packing sunscreen. What good is sun screen for an indoor park?

(click to enlarge pictures)

We walked around the park, taking in all the different activities available. "Where's the lazy river? Surely they have one."

Sure enough they did.


And we had no sunscreen.

They call theirs Cataloochee Creek and it didn't disappoint. There are individual tubes to float around the creek in, or you can choose a double tube to snuggle with your love. (Any guesses which one the Newlyweds chose?)

As usual, Jay got frustrated with me for squinting because of the camera flash. Cause you know I blink in every picture because I think it makes me look hot [eye roll].

My niece learned while she was in Ireland that if you stick your tongue out too much it'll fall off. Looks like this time was justified and doesn't fall into the "too much" catagory.

After Catalooche Creek, we decided to hit the water slides. My mom isn't much of a thrill seeker, so she sat at the bottom of the slide to read, people watch, and be ready with the camera. She's not even a blogger and she understands the importance of capturing these moments on film! <

All the water slides have lines and begin inside, but snake around outside. Since their completely inclosed, you don't have to worry about the weather outside. We didn't get a picture of the slide - but from the outside it looks like a giant space ship, especially when its all lit up at night.

From the water slides we went to the surf rider. Jay really wanted to give it a try. I didn't want to wait in line an hour to try it, but I can't turn my darling love down. When it finally came our turn, he made me go first.

After a moment to get use to it, and one wipe out...

I finally got the hang of it. Please note the lifeguards & Jay at the top applauding my efforts.

I got video of Jay, and please note that no one is clapping for him. Which means I must have done better. :P I tried to upload the video, but I'm having issues with blogger.

Here is the link to the video - maybe this'll work for ya.

We hit the wave pool, the outdoor pool, and the space ship slide again and we packed it in. Duty called - Jay had to go show property that evening. My mom enjoyed it so much, she's talking about renting a room this winter so that she can bring my niece and nephew to the park to enjoy the fun!

July 15, 2009

Weigh-in Wednesday - Bikini Season

I'm in a weird mood today. Partly sad because I saw my sister, BIL, niece and nephew yesterday and I'm always sad when its time for them to come home. Partly because I'm not sure where I'm heading in this weight loss. Each week I try to decide if I'm going to give up, and start my maintenance process or try to push myself harder for my goal.

Each week I decide to push myself, only to get to the weekend and not have any motivation. I'm a pant size 6, isn't that good enough?

Then this weekend I went to a water park (blog with pictures to come tomorrow hopefully) and came to the realization that beside the 14 and under crowd I had one of the better bodies in the park. There are two reasons behind this:

1. There were no early twenty-somethings there.
2. I have been blessed with a good body that, with a little work, doesn't look half bad.

It reminded me of an article I read in Marie Claire last May - the Size 8 author talking about how she was past her bikini prime. It stirred me up so much, that I wrote a letter to the editor. Of course it didn't get published (instead a response to the article praising them was). I wanted to share it with you guys.

Good afternoon,

Last night I was catching up on my reading and picked up this month’s issue with Heidi Klum on the cover. I was a tad concerned to see her referred to as a “curvy” model. I suppose that term is relative but were she a “real woman” she would be considered skinny. My real concern, however, was the article about the “non-bikini bod”. I really upset me to see someone who is my size talking about being two donuts away from being in the double digits, however the article did get worse. A size 8 the path to obesity?? Please, someone needs to get a grip. This author needs some serious self-image counseling and the person that decided to run the article isn’t very far behind.

I realize that the fashion world is not the real world. Take for example the “plus size” winner of America’s Next Top Model who is a size 8-10. Can you imagine what would happen if I took my size 8 rear into Lane Bryant? I subscribed to your magazine because you sell yourself as better than those superficial magazines who just focus on hair, makeup, and fashion tips. But it appears that you, too, are so deep into the body conscious world of fashion and, however subtlety, are putting those same societal body issues on the women of America.

I have enough issues on my own, I don’t need yours too.


PS – I think I look pretty d*mn good in a bikini, so thanks for the advice, but I’ll go ahead and pass on that skirted suit.

All of the confidence in the email was artificial of course, but I'm growing into it.

Here's a question for ya - does the fact that I'm now a size smaller, still trying to lose 5 or 6 pounds mean that I'm buying into that crap that they're selling?

Okay on to the weigh-in.

Challenge start: 133
Last week: 130.8
This week: 131.2

Hope on over to the Sisterhood and let everyone know how you did this week.

July 13, 2009

Happy 13th!

Time for another sappy walk down memory lane for Rachel's carnival.

Jay & I had decided previously that we would meet on Friday the 13th of October at Johnny Carino’s. When I got home from work that day, I started getting ready. I had selected a pink corduroy blazer and a tan camisole.

Unfortunately, my good booty jeans were dirty, so I had to go with a back up pair. I proceeded to straighten my hair and leave my apartment 30 minutes before I was supposed to meet up with him.

I grabbed a book on the way out because I knew that it wouldn’t take me that long to get to the restaurant (which is about 10 minutes away), but I didn’t want to make a bad impression by being late.

Half way to the restaurant, I began to question if I had unplugged my straightening iron. The more I considered it, I was convinced that I hadn’t. With visions of my apartment going up in flames, and thinking I still had plenty of time, I turned around and went back home. Of course when I arrived at my apartment my straighter had already been turned off and unplugged prior to my departure.

As I got into the city, traffic began to back up and I realized that I had need 30 minutes to get to the restaurant, only I wasted about 15 going back home. Thankfully, he was stuck in traffic as well. At a couple of minutes to seven, he called and let me know that he was running late.

Jay: Are you there yet? I'm running a couple minutes late, I can see the Johnny Carino's sign, but traffic is ridiculous and wont be there for a few minutes.
Brooke: No, I'm running a couple minutes late myself.

A couple minutes passed and he called me back again.

Jay: I'm here, are you here yet?
Brooke: Nope, still in traffic.
Jay: That's what I figured, I didnt see any cute brunettes waiting around the parking lot!

Thankfully, I didn’t have to stress about being rudely late because he was too.

When I finally arrived at the restaurant, I found him waiting on a bench outside. I was pleasantly surprised that he was even cuter than in his pictures. He had already been there for a few minutes and had put our name down for a table. I joined him on the bench and we chatted as we waited to be seated.

The number one rule of first dates is that you never plan to extend the date until you know for sure that you want to spend more time with this person. You never arrange for post dinner festivities until you are comfortable with them.

While we were waiting for our table, he asked if I wanted to go bowling with some friends of his afterward. Then he called them to set it up. In less than 30 minutes we both knew that the other was someone we’d be interested in spending more time with. He’s since confessed that he had his friends on reserve for if the date was going well.

Thankfully I was comfortable with him, because what happened next freaked me out. Standard protocol for meeting guys on the Internet says to not give your date too much information. I never told them where I worked, my last name, or any other information that could potentially be used to stalk me in the future.

Out of the blue he asked, “Is your last name...?” I said yes, and then proceeded to ask how he knew. What if he had done the same type of scary research on me that he had done on the Cheezmania cheese balls? Turns out he was talking about this brunette named Brooke that he was going out on a date with and a family member of the couple we were going bowling with suggested it could be this girl that she knew.

Not surprisingly, I dominated the conversation. I began to worry that I wasn’t giving him an opportunity to talk and that he would be very put off by my chatty nature. I kept reassuring myself that he was encouraging me to talk, asking question about something he knew that I love—the television show Lost.

He had just recently started watching and had quite a few questions about the plot and what was happening with some of the characters. Being the geek that I am, I knew the in-depth answers to what was going on with each of them.

After we finished with the meal I broke the number 2 first date rule. I got in his car with him. I have always been super careful to not put myself in the position that a date would cart me off somewhere and hack me to bits. But from the moment I saw him, I was so comfortable with him that I knew there was no need for the caution.

We met up with his friends at the bowling alley. I quickly learned that the three of them were very good at bowling, and very competitive. We bowled 2 games and they smoked me in both of them.

My bowling highlight was a frame that I was convinced was a gutter ball. Dejected, I turned around and headed to my seat. Only to miss the ball swerve back to take out several pins. According to Jay, his bowling highlight was watching me bowl in my jeans - guess the backup pair weren't as bad as I thought!

When the bowling center closed, we figured it was about time to wrap the date up. He took me back to my car and we chatted a little before I got out of his Jeep. I was stalling, talking about random crap waiting for him to kiss me. After about 15 or 20 minutes, I gave up, settled for a hug, and headed home. Little did I know that he would make me wait even more before we had for our first kiss…

July 10, 2009

Cades Cove, Part Duex

Over the holiday weekend Jay and I met my parents at Cades Cove. On Saturday mornings the 11 mile loop is closed to motor vechiles, and makes a great bike ride. Jay and I got there a little early, so we headed to the campground for a bathroom break and a photo-op.

Jay and I were trying to keep an eye out for my parents, since the parking lot we were supposed to meet at was full. Jay got distracted taking pictures, and wanted to get the perfect shot of the sun coming through the clouds, and asked me to be in the foreground.

Just as he was taking the picture, I noticed an old man on a bike up above us.

Jay chastised me for moving and ruining the photo, but I wanted to get to my dad before he passed us. I look huge in the picture, so I'm thankful that my dad ruined it! Jay did however, get another shot of us that we didn't know about.

And he was finally able to get the shot of the rays of sun that he was looking for.

While Jay & I biked the 11 mile loop, my parents chilled out in the campground. My dad had to work the Gatlinburg midnight 4th of July parade, so he pulled out a lawn chair to sleep while my mother read a book.

After we got back from our bike ride, we hung out for a while and had a picnic. By then the loop was open to cars, so we loaded up and took a ride. My mom, Jay and I all sat in the back with my dad driving.

Whenever we go around the loop, Jay and I always stop at the church we got married in for a quick kiss. The bike ride earlier and this trip with my parents were no exception.

Just up the road, there were a lot of cars stopped and people crowded around a wooded area. Once we got close we saw that there was a bear in the creek, shaded by some trees.

Once I saw the picture, I made Jay promise that he didn't get that close - he has an excellent zoom on his camera. There were people that weren't all that brilliant and got into the creek with the cub. I guess they forgot that where Baby Bear is, Mama Bear isn't too far behind.

Even though the bear moved on, the people didn't.

The Mama Bear had made her appearance and the Park visitors didn't want to miss a minute.

I thought that black bears were herbivores (except when humans get too close) but Jay said that he saw her catch a rabbit. The fence post is blocking it, but in the picture above she has the rabbit in her mouth eating it.

My mom went up to the people in the front of the bear jam and asked them to either move on or pull off the road. By this point, the cars were backed up beyond what we could see. People were honking and yelling "we wanna see it too!"

My mother's attempts failed, as did the honks and yells. The lead car finally moved on when a Park Ranger arrived.

After that, the drive was pretty tranquil.

On a normal visit to the park, Jay & I typically see more deer than bears. This, was definitely not a normal visit - although we did see one buck on the loop out.

July 09, 2009

My Grownup Checklist

I love lists. Its an addiction almost. A friend asked me earlier in the week why I liked running so much and I told her that completing a lap gave me the same high that checking off an item on my to do list does.

Seriously. I'm that dorky. I need an I <3 lists t-shirt.

So here is my grownup financial checklist:

Pay off land
Get life insurance
Open Roth IRA
Save for a down payment for a house

As of this morning I can sort of almost check the life insurance one off my list. We filled out the paperwork last night and had our paramedical exams this morning. (To all my SSJ readers - its a good thing I haven't earned my 10# button yet, that's a question on the application!)

Apparently I was visited by a vampire last night. Both time she stuck me she wasn't able to get blood. She stuck me twice with a butterfly needle, in two different places. I felt more sorry for her than for me, because you could tell it was frustrating her.

I'm use to it. I have tiny veins and apparently they like to roll.

Jay, with his hemophilia, was worried about the opposite problem. She stuck him and he wanted to hurry and get the tourniquet off before her viles were full so that he didn't bleed too much.

Poor lady. You'd think visiting a couple of 20 somethings would be much easier than that.

As far as the list goes, I'd love to mark another item off, but it looks like I'll hold for now. It'll just have to be enough to know that its in process.

Paying off the land is a work-in-progress as well. Stay tuned for updates!

July 08, 2009

Weigh-in Wednesday - Do over

Today is weigh-in day over at the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans. I talked a big game last week about how I was going to push myself and make sure I got into the 120s this week.

Want your excuses now or later?

Last week: 130.8
This week: 130.8

I amped up my work outs, adding two extra workouts to my normal 5. I also amped up my eating habits - 2000 calories on Saturday (justified of course by the 11 mile bike ride and the holiday) and 2000 in one meal on Sunday (justified by my family reunion). Not to mention this is the week (tomorrow morning specifically) that I saddle up the cotton pony and ride into the guest hut to live with AF for a few days.

HOWEVER, I made myself a promise and a I let myself down. Forgive me while I go all Jillian on myself for a moment. Excuses don't take the weight off. Excuses don't help me reach my goal. Life happens, holidays happen - part of my new way of life is learn how to deal with it.

Saturday I won't beat myself up for. That's just 300 calories more than normal and I did good with my exercise (although I could have stopped after just a couple of marshmallows). Sunday is just plain unacceptable. Fried chicken legs, mac & cheese, chicken and dumplings, fried okra, bread...pecan pie, a rice crispy square, and peach cobbler.


Today is a new day, and all that...

Hopefully you had more self control this week than I did!

July 07, 2009


Contentment is something I’ve struggled with all my life. I’ve always found myself wanting nicer clothes, a better car, or smaller thighs. I know as a Christian I’m supposed to be happy with who I am – I’m a sinner saved by God’s grace. It can’t get much better than that right?

But since we’re stuck in this world, its hard not to get caught up in its trappings. Even this weekend, I noticed that most of the bikers had nicer bikes then me. Sure, I have a 10 speed, but its left over from my high school days. The newer bikes that surrounded me had nice padded seats and shocks to absorb the bumps in the road.

You all continue to bear with me through my weight loss journey. I was proclaimed perfectly healthy by my doctor, but that wasn’t good enough. So now I’m attempting to get back to the same weight I was when I left college.

One thing I have found contentment with is my home. Not that it would be very difficult, we’re currently renting an almost 2000 square foot home from his parents. (It certainly pays to be sleeping with the landlord’s son.) Its not just the structure of the home that I’m content with though.

I’ve worked hard to make our house a nice place without spending a lot of money. We’ve put about $500 in paint and furnishings, and if I do say so myself we’ve done a great job. You’d never guess walking into our home that all of the items were either hand-me-downs or bought second hand.

What’s most important about the home is that it just feels good. I many not have enough seating in the living area, or enough beds to accommodate more than two guests, but I can come home from work put my things away and just be at peace.

The crazy thing about all this is that Jay and I have already purchased a piece of land to build on. I told him at the time it felt sinful to be looking for something better when we already had something so good. It’s really not about that though.

It’s okay to dream and set goals for yourself. We want to have the land paid off and a sizeable down payment saved up before we ever start to build our dream farmhouse. That’s quite a lofty goal when you consider its 5.5 acres of land and the house will probably be around 2400 square feet.

The important thing is that even if the dream never happens, I’ll still be happy. Still have a peace in my heart because I know I have a home full of love. Isn’t that what God wants for us – to always be striving to do a little better, be a little better – all the while being content with where He has us for this moment.

This is definitely one of those easier blogged than done areas. I still know that I’m going to be disappointed with myself if I don’t meet my weight loss goals for the week. I couldn’t help but be proud of myself this morning though, looking in the mirror at how far I’d come.

Hopefully I’ll be able to translate this contentment to other parts of my life. For now, I think I’ll just appreciate how great it feels, knowing that a house is just walls and (really pretty) paint. Between my husband and I, we’ve managed to make it into a beautiful home.

July 06, 2009

Monday Musings

I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend! I feel like all I did this weekend was exercise (5 mile run on Friday & 11 mile bike ride on Saturday) and eat!

Friday I posted the story of how Jay & I first met and have linked it up over at Rachel's carnival

I've already read a few love stories this morning, and can't wait to read more.

I really am blessed to have such a wonderful husband. This is hut week, and I was moody starting Saturday night and all through last night. Even though that seems to be a monthly occurrence for us, he's always great about doing what he can to make me happy.

Reading was a good escape last night, but cuddling always helps me feel better - so he suggested I read while we cuddle. Then he was patient with me while I got myself situation to actually be able to do both.

Also, I had a Epiphany on contentment this weekend, and hope to have it hammered out in blog for for you this week - as well as applying it to other areas of my life.

July 03, 2009

I'm so much cooler online

Rachel’s carnival doesn’t start until Monday, but since I’m taking a long weekend I thought I’d go ahead and post and just link it up on Monday.

The story of Brooke and Jay begins several months before our first meeting. I had created a page on Myspace and the prompting of my friend Libby, but never really used it much till another friend (Corinn) suggested that I could use to meet guys.

Simultaneously, Jay was preparing to move down here from Ohio and began looking for people (girls) in the area that he might like to get to know. In May of 2006, I received a friends request from him as well as an email. According to him, I was one of his first Myspace friends (he signed up for MySpace on May 20th and friended me May 25th).

Apparently I had that sweet, innocent look that he seems to go for. Or else it’s the chin, he likes ‘em pointy. How else do you explain a man that thinks that two of the most beautiful women in the world are Reese Witherspoon and me?

My family had vacationed in Ohio late May, so right off the bat he and I had something to chat about. For several months he and I emailed back and forth. I knew he was different, because unlike most of the other guys on Myspace, his emails were lengthy and thoughtful and consisted of more than ‘u r hot. wanna go out?’

At one point, however, the long emails put me off. Here was this cute, or at the least photogenic, guy that spent a good deal of time talking to me. Surely there was something wrong with him, as he seemed too good to be true.
Trust me, I knew all about to good to be true. From the one that got away, who now I wish would have stayed away to the other myspace date who only smiled with his mouth closed in his pictures – for good reason.

My fears about Jay were confirmed when I posted a blog about my craving (and searching) for Planter’s CheezMania cheese balls. He took it upon himself to do a couple of pages of research about why the product was hard to find and was eventually discontinued.

Little did I know that shortly after moving down to Tennessee, he injured his leg at work. Since his Jeep was a manual transmission, he was pretty much confined to his house. Had I been stalking his comments, I would have seen that everyone was asking him how he was going and throwing around ‘get well soon’ messages.

He was hurt, bored, and so his research in response to my cheese ball ranting wasn’t all that scary or stalkerish as I first suspected, but at least for the moment it did make me question his sanity. In the years (hey its been 2 ½, that’ qualifies as “years”) since, I’ve also learned that when he does something, he goes at it full force. This man doesn’t know how to half @$$ anything. He does it all the way, or it sits in the garage for 7 months. Moving right along…

Finally in September, he asked me out. After emailing for 5 months, just coming out and asking me to go out with him would have been a bit awkward. So instead he came up with a cheesy line.

Brooke Sept. 7th, 2006:
Sounds like you've made friends in the area fairly quickly. So are you still liking it down here pretty well?

Jay Sept. 7th, 2006:
Am I still liking it here? Yeah, its pretty good, but it would be EVEN better if you wanted to do something with me sometime?! I'm such a dork, and have wanted to see ya for a while, but thats just my shy personality coming out in me I guess!

Brooke Sept. 26, 2006:
I would love to meet up sometime. I'm sorry to say that my next couple of weekends are crazy. But we really do need to plan something!

It took several weeks for our schedules to finally work, because we both had trips planned in October. I went to a friend’s wedding the first week in October and went to Green Bay the last week of the month. The weekend before my trip to Wisconsin, he traveled back to Ohio for the OU homecoming game.

I suggested Friday, October 13th. Fortunately, he wasn’t too superstitious to accept. I emailed him my phone number and ask him to call me so that we could work out the details. Surely over the phone I could tell if he was too good to be true.

He called the Wednesday before and our conversation lasted less than 2 minutes. By the end of the call I was convinced this boy had no interest in me. Nonetheless, we would meet in person for the first time 2 days later.

To be continued at Johnny Carino’s…

July 02, 2009


Two weekends ago I was a busy little bee. Friday night was the baseball game, , then on Saturday I went consignment shopping with my mom and grandmother, and Sunday we celebrated Father's day and my sister & her whole family spent the night at my house. We took them to the airport on Monday, and Tuesday was the Trace Adkins concert.

Looks like I'm slacking. Out of 5 eventful days, I've only blogged one of them. I blame a lack of camera for not blogging about the shopping trip. My camera battery is dead and only Jay has the magic touch putting it on the charger - its only school and its a bit on the finicky side.

I got some great pieces at the consigment store - including a designer dress (size 0 thank you very much) for only $20. And a kickin pair of black jeans (size 6) for $5. I'd like to share their awesomeness with you in a minifashion show. Maybe I'll get to that this weekend, but don't hold your breath.

I also blame Jay for the lack of a Trace Adkins blog. He's uploaded the pictures onto his camera, but hasn't emailed them to me. So for now, just know that our seats were very far away, but only $5 so we couldn't really complain. Both he and Billy Currington did a great job.

Then we have the visit from my sister's crew. Normally when they come for a visit, they stay with my parents, with the exception of the one time the Princes and I had our sleepover. Since I live closer to the airport, I volunteered to drop them off for their flight to Ireland (my brother-in-law's home country).

My mom decided this was the perfect opportunity to have her first overnight visit with the Little Man, so I got the Princess, my sister, and BIL. After dinner at my parents, we headed toward home.

Jay's dad had found a bike the perfect size for the Princess and gave it to us to keep in our garage for her visits. Luckily, the house beside us is vacant and has a perfectly level driveway so that the Princess doesn't have to get out on the main road.

For my birthday, my parents got new tires on my bike, so she and I did sprint races. When I tired, my sister raced the Princess. I tried to make ice cream in my electric ice cream maker, followed the directions perfectly, but it didn't turn out. Maybe the ice cream bowl wasn't frozen long enough.

After some coloring, and a round of Go Fish, it was bed time. My sister and bil in the guest bedroom, the Princess and I in the master, and poor Jay on the couch. His biggest complaint was that he got cold - we had put the air down to 76 (for company) and that's just too fridged for him! :P

It was sad taking them to the airport the next day. The Princess was afraid to fly and kept biting her nails. We hung out with them until it was time for them to check in.

After we dropped them off at the airport, my mother and I make a few shopping stops. We took back my dad's father's day present that was missized, I picked up a couple of Ralph Lauren polos for Jay (at Sam's Club!) then it was on to the mall. I tried on, and fell in love with a pair of black slacks in Banana Republic - size 6 and only $30? Of course I purchased them!

We ended the day with a visit to Planet Xchange. I sold them some of my college era clothes and ended up making $16 - $2 an item. Not bad for things just hanging in my closet.

Okay now I sorta feel caught up. Like I don't have to stress about doing exciting things this weekend and getting even more backed up with my blogging.

Just kidding...but seriously.

July 01, 2009

Weigh-in Wednesday - Back to Square One

I'm back where I was two weeks ago - 130.8. That's down 1.8 pound from 132.6 last week. One thing I have gained in the past two weeks is determination. I will be in the 120s next week.

Last week I gained because I went crazy 3 days - that's almost half the week. This week I kept my head. Even though I indulged from time to time (a grilled cheese/Cheddar biscuit) I didn't go crazy.

Two weeks ago I told myself that since I was at 130, it would be okay to splurge. Those nachos I ate at the concert - 1000 calories! (I certainly didn't know it at the time), the soft serve ice cream was 480 calories, and one day I just had a free for all the entire day.

In my mind it was better to be okay with where I was, then being disappointed when I couldn't get below 130. One of those you can't fail if you don't try kinda things.

Here's where my thinking was faulty - my body doesn't see 129 as a landmark. To it, its just a pound lighter than where I am now. Its only my head that thinks getting into a new weight decade is a big deal.

So starting last Wednesday I resolved to not have my splurge days. That's not to say that I hit right on 1600 calories every day. I did, however, think about everything that went into my mouth. Counting the cost if you will.

I'm going to do that again this coming week. Honestly, hot dogs aren't that big of a calorie splurge. Including the bun they're only about 250 calories. If I limit myself to one (which shouldn't be hard since its one of Jay's favorite foods and he'll eat all the rest) and stick to fresh fruit otherwise, I won't have a problem this Independence Day.

Also, I'm adding two extra workout days to my schedule. Currently I run 3 days a week, do a weights class on two days, and am lazy on the other two days. This week I'm adding in a Pilates class (this afternoon - I'm excited for a little change). Also, Jay and I are going bike riding around Cades Cove (a 13 mile loop) Saturday morning.

This past Monday I had my quarterly assessment and it went great! I was measured about 7-8 weeks ago and in that time I've lost a total of 10 1/2 inches!! 1 1/2 or 1 1/4 inches on most of the upper body measurements, 3 1/2 on my lower stomach, but only 1/4 in each thigh. My workout buddy assures me that I have nothing left to lose up top, so its gonna have to kick in burning the fat in my legs now.

How'd you do this past week? Were you able to stay motivated?

For more weight loss inspiration head on over to the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans.