July 21, 2009

Emotional Girl

I'll warn you now that this blog isn't going to be cohesive, or witty, or fun.

I'm one of those sensitive people that take everything to heart. I have a poor self image. I cry at the drop of a hat.

And I hate that I'm this way.

My mom insists that its a good thing - feeling this deeply means you can love, care, and sympathize more deeply.

But mostly I just think it sucks.

Especially when the people around you just don't get it, don't get how their actions can ruin your whole day.

I had a brief moment of triumph last night - I went Julia Sugarbaker on a salesman and it felt good.

Its amazing how quickly I went from being strong and confident to a pathetic pile of insecurity.

So now I just wanna crawl back in bed.


  1. It's going to be ok hun!! HONEST!! And your Mom is right - we usually are!!


  2. Awww sounds like you had a rough day. I'm super emotional too, and it can be tough!

  3. I feel things very deeply too. It is rough because I have decided that 95% of the world do not feel so sensitive - they have thicker skin.
    For those of us who are emotional and have sensitive feelings we can be hurt very easily.
    You are not alone and things will get better.
    I am a lot older than you and a trick I learned when I was young was to isolate an incident and ask myself if it was going to matter in a year or a week, etc...
    It helps to put things in a better perspective and take your mind of the "now".

    Have a happy day and definately get out of bed!!!!

  4. HUGS stopping in from Sits to say hello

  5. I think even the most confident people have their days. I'm more like you - very sensitive, always wondering 'do they like me?' etc. Go for a run - it'll energize you.

  6. I have an edge on me, but it's mainly to protect the emotional and sensitive girl that's hiding inside. Hardly anyone gets to see her--at least in real life!
    Poor A has dealt with more than his share of emotional girlfriend.

    I'm sorry you're having a rough day :( hugs and love to you!

  7. I am the same way. The more I try not to cry the more likely it is that I will cry. Usually, it's because I'm so frustrated or angry and it's gotta come out somehow. Hope you feel better!

  8. I'm sorry! Tomorrow will be better.

  9. Stopping in from SITS. Hope tomorrow goes better for you. HUGS!

  10. I hate you are not having a good day. =( I know what you mean on the "boy, I showed him!" attitude quickly deflating. I did that to Someone Who Shall Remain Nameless because it was such a horrible day, and I saw her, and I was sooo mad at what she (and another person in her family) had done to me and my husband. And...wow, I let her have it. And then I felt sooo bad afterwards because I had done nothing wrong in that situation, and then there was this big, black mark against my record and I felt bad for what I had done to her...UGH....That was not uplifting, was it? Lol. I hope you have a good evening -- get together with Jay, cuddle on the couch, and watch reruns of LOST!! ;)

  11. Oh, I so know how it is. You want to let it slide off your back and say to heck with them, but you just can't.

    Don't get too down! I don't want to get Jillian on you!!

  12. oh boy, i was nodding along as i read your post, i am exactly the same way. i cry. i'm the crier. that's just how it is. my mom tells me the same thing, that it's part of the passion within me, but mostly i feel like a big baby when i just can't contain myself. but i'd rather be the town crier than the person who never ever cries. you are definitely not alone!! hugs to you from a fellow crier!!!xo

  13. I can completely related to you on this one. This morning I supported a client of mine after her customer went looney on her. I propped her up, told her she was awesome, helped share her burden.

    This evening my brother made a comment to me that sent me home in tears and made me write a blog post that pretty much told my family that they stink (of course they won't ever read it).

    I think you rock, of course I'm only starting to get to know you through blogs posts and comments but I still think you rock. :)

  14. OH how I feel your pain!! sorry you had a rough day -hopefully today will be better!!


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