July 17, 2009

Randomness inspired by the Weekend

*I love being an aunt. Its seriously the best in the world. I get to have that unconditional love of a niece. She's such a princess that when she sees me she takes off in a run toward me and jumps into my arms.

Then there is Chuckles, who only stops giggling to stuff another cheese ball in his mouth. He's not quite old enough to get how awesome Aunt Boo is, but he'll get there.

*Not sure why insecurity runs in the family - my sister, knowing that we were going to the pool this weekend "forgot" to pack her bathing suit. I offered to let her borrow one and she told the princess to tell me that she didn't wear string bikinis with her ta-tas hanging out.

Little does she know that I own two one piece bathing suits.

Buried deep down in my dresser drawer. I'll knock the dust off and it'll be perfect for her.

*The a/c in our house broke last Friday. Its still not fixed. Do you know how difficult it is to sleep in a house thats 85 degrees - that's with the windows open and the fan running.

The repair guy came out on Monday. We're "extremely" low on freon. He said he'd have to wait (up to 3 days) for approval then he could come back out,find the leak, repair it, then fill us up with freon.

Even if you don't count Monday, yesterday would have been 3 days. And its still not fixed. If its not taken care of by Monday I'm going to throw a temper tantrum to rival one the princess could throw.

That is if she ever through one.

Not that she does.

Cause a princess doesn't throw temper tantrums.

Or bite her nails.

Or pick her noise.

Or eat her buggers.

Where was I?

Oh yeah opening a can of whoop @SS on the a/c repair guys. So I'm gonna.

So that's my weekend in a nutshell. What have you got planned?


  1. seriously LOL right now!!! go get 'em brooke!!! enjoy your weekend!

  2. You poor thing! Hope it gets approved and fixed soon!

  3. Actually, my weekend will be spent with my niece and nephews if I have my way. :) Next weekend one of my nephews will be with me all weekend because his mom is working days/weekends now. Like you, I LOVE being an Aunt. Nothing like walking in the front door and here the pounding of feet and squeals of "AUNTIE!".

  4. HAHA!!! Good one!!! You get those a/c guys!!!

    Baby Shower (Gift No. 9 of 10 for ppl I've had to buy baby gifts for in 2009 -- gotta not drink the local water...), movie with mom, shopping with Mom, Granny, and Aunt J...and Sunday...nursery and a free afternoon. Ah, peace..

  5. Wow! LOL

    Stopping by from SITS to share the blog ♥ !

    Have a great Saturday!

  6. You are so funny!
    Do you want to know that we rarely even turn our AC on? I'm hoping it will help me sweat away some pounds:)

  7. LOL! I hate subcontractors... such a pain in the butt! Hope you're able to figure out some ways to stay cool until he gets it fixed!

  8. Happy Saturday Sharefest. Just stopping over from SITS, and following you. I hope you will visit. I post marital secrets for young wives, mothers, and couples.

  9. I'm with you on the ac. I like my bedroom to be nice and cool. I put in a window unit so I can cool only my bedroom and not the rest of the house.
    Although that would suck to go out and buy a window unit just cause the repair man is takin his sweet time. Good luck!

  10. I hope your AC got fixed. We just turned ours back on after a gorgeous, no humidity weekend (unheard of for this area in July).

  11. OMG, I hope you got your a/c fixed. I think I'd just go stay in a hotel if that happened. I cannot deal with being hot at night. YUCK!!!


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