July 16, 2009

Wilderness Waterpark

This past weekend my parents, Jay and I went to the Wilderness at the Smokies a hotel and indoor waterpark. I mocked my mother when she talked about packing sunscreen. What good is sun screen for an indoor park?

(click to enlarge pictures)

We walked around the park, taking in all the different activities available. "Where's the lazy river? Surely they have one."

Sure enough they did.


And we had no sunscreen.

They call theirs Cataloochee Creek and it didn't disappoint. There are individual tubes to float around the creek in, or you can choose a double tube to snuggle with your love. (Any guesses which one the Newlyweds chose?)

As usual, Jay got frustrated with me for squinting because of the camera flash. Cause you know I blink in every picture because I think it makes me look hot [eye roll].

My niece learned while she was in Ireland that if you stick your tongue out too much it'll fall off. Looks like this time was justified and doesn't fall into the "too much" catagory.

After Catalooche Creek, we decided to hit the water slides. My mom isn't much of a thrill seeker, so she sat at the bottom of the slide to read, people watch, and be ready with the camera. She's not even a blogger and she understands the importance of capturing these moments on film! <

All the water slides have lines and begin inside, but snake around outside. Since their completely inclosed, you don't have to worry about the weather outside. We didn't get a picture of the slide - but from the outside it looks like a giant space ship, especially when its all lit up at night.

From the water slides we went to the surf rider. Jay really wanted to give it a try. I didn't want to wait in line an hour to try it, but I can't turn my darling love down. When it finally came our turn, he made me go first.

After a moment to get use to it, and one wipe out...

I finally got the hang of it. Please note the lifeguards & Jay at the top applauding my efforts.

I got video of Jay, and please note that no one is clapping for him. Which means I must have done better. :P I tried to upload the video, but I'm having issues with blogger.

Here is the link to the video - maybe this'll work for ya.

We hit the wave pool, the outdoor pool, and the space ship slide again and we packed it in. Duty called - Jay had to go show property that evening. My mom enjoyed it so much, she's talking about renting a room this winter so that she can bring my niece and nephew to the park to enjoy the fun!


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE waterparks! and look at you, completely and totally rocking that bikini! sweet!!!

    glad you had fun, i am itching to go to one myself at some point! i could use me some lazy river!

  2. Looks like SO much fun! I'm not much of a thrill-seeker either, but I'm happy to take pictures of it all to document for the blog!

    And can I just say, girl, you look HAWT! In my humble opinion, you shouldn't bother killing yourself for an extra couple of pounds. You look wonderful.

  3. Ooooh -- FUN!!!

    BTW, you are SUPER HOT!!! Oh my gosh!!! Can we switch bodies, lol??!!

    And, yes, I totally agree with ValleyGirl.

  4. what fun!!! you go in the kini!! :)

  5. That looks just like an indoor waterpark we have around here -- probably the same designer. LOL It's pretty fun running from the hotel to the water park in your bathing suit in the snow. :)

    And yes, you still need sunscreen even if it's indoors. Ours has sunroofs and I got a little burned through those when we were there in March. :(

  6. What fun! And you look great in your bikini!

  7. I have yet to go to an indoor water park. Although I've been MANY a time to outdoor ones and I LOVE it!

    Thanks for linking up today! :)


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