July 02, 2009


Two weekends ago I was a busy little bee. Friday night was the baseball game, , then on Saturday I went consignment shopping with my mom and grandmother, and Sunday we celebrated Father's day and my sister & her whole family spent the night at my house. We took them to the airport on Monday, and Tuesday was the Trace Adkins concert.

Looks like I'm slacking. Out of 5 eventful days, I've only blogged one of them. I blame a lack of camera for not blogging about the shopping trip. My camera battery is dead and only Jay has the magic touch putting it on the charger - its only school and its a bit on the finicky side.

I got some great pieces at the consigment store - including a designer dress (size 0 thank you very much) for only $20. And a kickin pair of black jeans (size 6) for $5. I'd like to share their awesomeness with you in a minifashion show. Maybe I'll get to that this weekend, but don't hold your breath.

I also blame Jay for the lack of a Trace Adkins blog. He's uploaded the pictures onto his camera, but hasn't emailed them to me. So for now, just know that our seats were very far away, but only $5 so we couldn't really complain. Both he and Billy Currington did a great job.

Then we have the visit from my sister's crew. Normally when they come for a visit, they stay with my parents, with the exception of the one time the Princes and I had our sleepover. Since I live closer to the airport, I volunteered to drop them off for their flight to Ireland (my brother-in-law's home country).

My mom decided this was the perfect opportunity to have her first overnight visit with the Little Man, so I got the Princess, my sister, and BIL. After dinner at my parents, we headed toward home.

Jay's dad had found a bike the perfect size for the Princess and gave it to us to keep in our garage for her visits. Luckily, the house beside us is vacant and has a perfectly level driveway so that the Princess doesn't have to get out on the main road.

For my birthday, my parents got new tires on my bike, so she and I did sprint races. When I tired, my sister raced the Princess. I tried to make ice cream in my electric ice cream maker, followed the directions perfectly, but it didn't turn out. Maybe the ice cream bowl wasn't frozen long enough.

After some coloring, and a round of Go Fish, it was bed time. My sister and bil in the guest bedroom, the Princess and I in the master, and poor Jay on the couch. His biggest complaint was that he got cold - we had put the air down to 76 (for company) and that's just too fridged for him! :P

It was sad taking them to the airport the next day. The Princess was afraid to fly and kept biting her nails. We hung out with them until it was time for them to check in.

After we dropped them off at the airport, my mother and I make a few shopping stops. We took back my dad's father's day present that was missized, I picked up a couple of Ralph Lauren polos for Jay (at Sam's Club!) then it was on to the mall. I tried on, and fell in love with a pair of black slacks in Banana Republic - size 6 and only $30? Of course I purchased them!

We ended the day with a visit to Planet Xchange. I sold them some of my college era clothes and ended up making $16 - $2 an item. Not bad for things just hanging in my closet.

Okay now I sorta feel caught up. Like I don't have to stress about doing exciting things this weekend and getting even more backed up with my blogging.

Just kidding...but seriously.

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  1. I should check into this planet xchange thing. I have way too many clothes...


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