March 13, 2009

Princess Sleepover!!

This past week I had the opportunity to have my niece at my house for a sleepover. She lives 2 hours away so that rarely happens. Her babysitter (who also watches my 9 month old nephew) was out of town for a knitting conference, so my sister needed someone to pick up the slack.

My mom watched the two of them on Thursday and Friday, and asked if she could bring them both home on Saturday to give my sister and brother-in-law some much needed rest. They agreed, but when the little man woke up sick, they decided that he should stay at home.

The Princess was already excited about a sleepover at Aunt Boo’s, so she was allowed to come by herself. Now that the little man is getting bigger and requiring more attention, she’s starting to get jealous. My sister thought a “girls night in” without having to share our attention would be good for her.

The five of us (my parents, Mr. Right, myself and the princess) had a cookout at our house. As the men grilled, the princess road her bike in the driveway. (Mr. Right’s father had picked up a bike just her size for free on trash pickup day. We keep the bike at our house for times like this.)

As she pulled out her coloring books, crayons, and toys, I watched my house go from a tidy, organized space, to chaos. She had brought Shrek 2 for us to watch. We colored during the first part of the movie, then snuggled in on the couch for the 2nd half.

Initially I snuggled on the couch with Mr. Right, and the princess crawled onto the other couch. “I wish Kane was here for me to snuggle with.” According to my sister, Kane is an 8th grader at her school. The princess will be 5 in May.

I moved couches and snuggled with her for the rest of the movie. When it was over, she picked up all of her toys (I didn’t even have to ask her) and put them away. Then she went straight for the bedroom and crawled into bed. It was 8:30! I never dreamed I could get her to bed that early, much less without asking!!

The next morning, I fixed breakfast then we headed to church. After Sunday lunch at my mom’s house, the princess and I headed toward her house. The real challenge – taking care of both kids – wouldn’t come till Monday.


  1. That sounds like fun, I'm really wanting a little girl. We just got new neighbors who have adorable girls and I love it when they come to play.

  2. What an easy-going girl. I'm glad the sleepover went well. You never know how they will go.

  3. That is SO SWEET of you to help out your sister! Good families are such a treasure. Your niece sounds like alot of fun too!!!

  4. How fun!! I wish we could have a cookout. It's been FREEZING and raining for the past three days!

  5. Well she certainly acted like a little princess....:) I know you have had fun with her!

  6. Don't you love having a niece! They are so fun and precious...I can only imagine what it'll be like having a kid, because I love my niece to PIECES!

  7. What fun! Girls are a blast!

  8. You are a great aunt! I never had this kind of aunt growing up, although I had 4 aunts that lived close by, some right around the corner. My kids don't have it either since we live overseas, but my sisters would be this kind of aunt. Keep up the great work, it is an investment in her life!


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