March 31, 2009

Which do you want first...

the good news or the bad news?

My nephew took his first steps this weekend! :) The little man turns 10 months tomorrow and will be running before we know it.

We all had a great time despite certain circumstances (the cabin not having a dish washer, blender, or a thorough cleaning before we checked in). I am thankful that my family can get together like that without any real fighting.

My husband and my brother-in-law both get along well with each other as well as with our parents. I know several families that just aren't like that.

On to the bad news/prayer request.

A friend of mine from college has a 5 year old (will turn 6 this year) son who'd been having trouble with his legs. This past Friday they did an MRI and his results came back in yesterday.

He has a one inch grown on his spine, around where the tag of your shirt would hit. To a boy as small as him, one inch is fairly big.

Please pray for Dominic, his mother Jennifer, and the entire family.


  1. Consider the praying done and ongoing.

  2. Hugs and prayers for your friend and her little boy!!

  3. I'm so sorry for your friends. It's hard when there is something going on with the little ones.

    We were just in TN this last weekend for Spring Break, but didn't get any further than Memphis. Would have loved to have seen the beautiful hills you have in the East!

  4. Glad you had a good weekend. It's a blessing to have good family time!
    I'll be praying fro your friend and son.

  5. Aww I will def. be praying for that family! It has to be so hard for them.

    Family time is wonderful :-) Glad y'all could make the best of it!

  6. Will do. What does that growth mean? Can they remove it?


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