March 05, 2009

Beautiful Baby

Its a bit scary how much I look like my mother. At first glance this could easily be a picture of me. Okay so I suppose technically it is a picture of me, but since I was only a few days old its hard to tell.

What amazes me about this picture is how young my mother looks. She broke the tradition of young mothers in her family.

Her mother had married at age 17, and had her first child by 18. Her grandmother was married at 18 and had her first (my grandmother) at age 19.

While mom mom did marry young, she was 17 - just a few months before her 18th birthday, she didn't have kids right away. She waited until she was 22 to have my sister.

When this picture was taken, my mom was 25. She'd been alive quarter century. I remember when I turned 25. I felt so old.

But now, the year my husband turns 30, and the year of my first 29th birthday, 25looks so young.

I can say she was (and still is) beautiful. And I have been told by numerous people that we look alike. So today, I choose to be thankful for the good genes I've inherited.

I may have "Keeler legs" but I've got my mom's body shape (just ask Mr. Right, he thinks my mom is hot!), my dad's chin (and mr. right likes 'em pointy, just look at his favorite actress reese witherspoon), and my grandmother's cholesterol.

Psalm 16:6 The boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places.

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  1. Your Mom does look young and you do look like her - isn't that great!

  2. Isn't it "funny" as we get older our perspective changes completely on younger ages.

    Sweet photo.

  3. Such a wonderful photo and Fro post. Thanks for coming to the party!

    Would you mind using the new Fro button from my site next week? Just a changing of the guard kinda thing!

    Watch out for Mr. Linky- he has been mixing the drinks a little strong!

  4. Beautiful picture. And guess what I turn 40 next week! I think age is really in how you feel.

  5. Lol, you're a Yank fan? ;) That's okay. I'm really Red Sox through marriage (not a big sports fan, but I'm learning!).

    Superman's boss is a HUGE Yankees fan, and one day Boss went out to his vehicle to find a Red Sox bumper sticker on his car!!! He just KNEW Superman did it, and while I wish he (and I, hehe) could take the credit, it was actually another guy they work with, lol!!!

  6. My goodness, you do look just like your mom! It's great that you have that photo!

  7. You do look like your mom! Sounds like you'll age well just like your mom. Here's to great genes.

  8. I did a double take, I was like "I didn't think Brook was pregnant!" haha!

    I love seeing how the parts of various family members add up to me!

    ~ Katie

  9. You do look like your mama...she's a pretty lady, who did look very young! I agree, age really is in your mind...I don't, uh...much older than your are...there! : )

  10. WOW -- y'all really, really DO look alike. I look nothing like my momma. And - shocking, I know (hee hee) - the Tongginator looks nothing like me.


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