March 11, 2009

My apologies

I've made two bloggy blunders.

Yesterday was the SITS spring fling, and as a member I was supposed to host a giveaway. Only I remembered too late in the day to actually put anything together. Sorry ladies!

Also, I created a new email for this blog smartstrongsexyblog at blogpot dot com. Then I got confused. Blogger told me that my stingysingleton email had to remain the same.

Bummer, cause I'm still stingy, but a singleton no more.

When I couldn't get blogspot to cooperate, I gave up and decided to just fall back on the old email.

Only I didn't tell blogger that.

Today, I realized I had 60 emails (comment responses and such) sitting in my box. Going all the way back to January.

So if you emailed me, and didn't receive a reply - now you know why.

Unless you quit reading my blog shortly thereafter because you were offended.



  1. You won the giveaway from The Pink Porch over at In His Grip. You will be recieving you Autumn silk tablerunner. Yeah! Lucky you!

  2. lol, sounds like something I would do. Oh well, such is life!


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