March 06, 2009

Car washes & Consignment Stores

Last night Mr. Right and I both got free car washes! It was the drive through deluxe package too. Perfect, since my car was covered in salt from the snow threat earlier in the week and I was going to have to pay to wash it any way.

How can you get one? Well…um…you can’t. Unless of course you live in my area.

A new car wash opened in town and apparently the owner is a very intelligent man. For the grand opening, he has offered free car washes for the entire week. It drew people in, got us familiar with his product, and at least in my case, will probably earn him business in the future.

I’ve never used car washes in the past. Living at home with my parents, we had well water. Water was free, so I obviously preferred to use the hose out back.

Now I’m on City water, and I’m trying to rationalize a $5 car wash – how many gallons do you think it takes to wash a car with a hose at the house? Don’t forget with this $5 wash, I don’t do anything. I just pull up to the ramp and let the conveyer belt pull me along.

Moving right along…

I’m taking about 19 pieces of my old clothing to a consignment store this afternoon. I hope I can make pretty good money off them.

For those of you that have taken (adult) clothing before – how much do you typically make? I know I can’t gauge what to expect per item, she might not take everything and even if she does it might not sell.

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And for my normal readers, I’m taking Monday off to baby sit so I won’t be around. Don’t worry, I’ve got another chapter in the Brooke & Mr. Right love story ready to go!


  1. What a deal! I think that was pretty smart of the owner too.
    I've never brought clothes to a consignement shop so I'm no help there.

  2. Living in Michigan people washed their cars all the time, every other gas station had a carwash and there was only one gravel road in the county.

    Here in Iowa, on the other hand, over half the roads are gravel, car washes are hard to find, and people aren't real worried about weather you can tell what color their car is or not!

    I LOVE car washes!! and $5 is a deal... free is better :-)

  3. I hope you have a blast babysitting....:)

  4. Woohoo on the free wash! :D

    I haven't taken mine to a consignment store as I like to give them to DAV. :D

  5. I hate washing a car, so I always pay to have it done, lol!!

    Good luck on making money on your clothes. I've only done it with kid clothes and always did well.

  6. Wow, great deal on the car wash. I have no idea how much water you use to wash a car at home, probably not $5 worth, but there are other factors to consider too.

  7. I love all things free so it's great you found a free car wash. In my small town there's only one little decrepit place to get your car washed. Basically it's a power sprayer with soapy water cycle and a rinse cycle. I still pay for the power hose (about $3.00) but it'd probably cost me more to do it a home plus it turn my back yard into a temporary mud hole between the kids and the dog!

    Good luck with the consignment clothes. Sometimes it's hit and miss on those things!


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