March 25, 2009

Measuring up: Weigh-in Wednesday

Current weight: 134.0

Edited to Add my goal for the next 8 weeks - to lose 5 pounds. I can't tell you how long its been since I've been in the 120s!

I had to look back on last week's records to see that was a 0.4 lost from last week. Not as much as I'd like but I'll take it.

On Monday, I had my wellness assessment and she pulled out the tape to take my measurements. I hadn't been measured in almost a year, but since then i have lost a 1/2 inch here, a 1/4 inch there.

What frustrates me is my legs. I could be content with everything as it is now, but my thunder thighs.

To give you an idea - my waist at its smallest point (my belly button) is 26 1/2 inches. My thighs at their biggest part? 24 1/2 inches.

Go ahead and sign this freak up for the circus.

The crazy thing is that I didn't think I had anything to lose in my upper body - and I've actually lost more in my stomach area than my legs. My arms have gotten slightly bigger, but that's because they are getting toned.

So there it is. You know my secret - and why I've cropped my profile photo so that you don't see me for the freak I am.


  1. LOL!!! Hey, I'm super jealous because (and I'm terrified to admit this) because you weigh less than me! 134?? GOAL! lol Good luck with this week!

  2. Now you stop that kind of talk. I'll tell you right now that you will lose the weight in the areas that aren't your problem areas first. But keep that chin up, losing a 1/2 inch and a 1/4 inch is progress. I can't say it enough, don't put so much emphasis on the scale. As a side note, I could never drop any weight no matter what I did until I made some serious changes in my life. And those changes weren't so much in diet and exercise. I had to get out of a very stressful career in finance. Once I left my stressful job, I dropped over 15 pounds in a year. Stress can be a powerful force that can keep those pounds and inches from falling. Just an idea.

  3. Oh! I am sure it is fine! You look great in your picture!

  4. Hi there, just popping in for the first time. I'm interested in weight management, too.

  5. God makes everyone unique...your thighs are your gift from Him :-) You have a super skinny waist which is def brag worthy :-)
    Keep it up!

  6. I am soooo jealous! I would love to weigh 134 - even 144 would be wonderful!

  7. Brooke,
    You are well on your way to the 120s girl! I honestly can't remember the last time I weighted 120-anything! I'll be pulling up the rear for you, so let me know how the view is when you get there! I'm starting this challenge up a little over 10 pounds more than you and I hope to get to the 130s as you vacate them!

    I understand why your thighs frustrate you, and no matter how thin your waist is, it's hard to feel good when you have a problem area. My advice is to work in some exercises to tone your thighs and hips. They might not be model thin, but at least if they're firm, they'll look better.

    Sadly, some people's bodies are just built a certain way and your thighs may always be a bit bigger than you'd like them to be. But you know what? That's okay because you are beautiful and soon you'll be in the 120s!!

    Keep up the good work! And thanks for your comments on my blog and at the Sisterhood. We really appreciate you!

  8. I have to admit I am a little jealous of you. But I can understand not liking a part of your body.

    You look pretty and fit in your picture. It looks like you are doing a great job.

    Hey, Lost is on tonight. I was not crazy about last weeks episode, except when Kate and Jack realized that Sawyer and Juliet are an item. Ha!

  9. I think the last time I weighed in the 120's, I was in college- that was a while ago : ). But you can do this. As someone else mentioned, your profile picture is nice, you look quite toned. Healthy eating and exercise- that is my mantra.

  10. Geez... I wish I had that waist measurement! I don't think my belly will ever be the same after having twins... unless of course I opt for cosmetic surgery. Don't see that happening! lol

  11. I think we have the same body shape. You're moving in the right directions - keep it up! Those inches lost are awesome.

  12. THE ole thunder thighs! Honey you come over here and I will show you thunder! I am working hard on it too! You are doing great!!!

  13. We all have our problem areas. I'm not crazy about my hips, my butt, my love handles, and sometimes my stomach - depends on my mood! I do remember the first time I went home to visit my family, though, when my mom said, "Hey! You've finally got a butt!" I could've killed her! But I had always been stick thin growing up, so I guess gaining weight makes certain areas more prominent. Good luck this 8 weeks. Let's get into the 120's!

  14. Just keep working at it! You'll get there! Like Christy, I hope to get to the 130's this challenge, if I can do that, you can definitely make the 120's!

    It's a puzzle that we all have to figure out and I know you will!

    Good luck!!

  15. You way less than me !! LUCKY! I haven't been under 145 in years! argh!

    ~~ Katie

  16. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I appreciate everyone's support! Keep working toward your goal and you'll get there!

  17. Thanks for visiting my blog! I have 3 days to make some real progress, but our thighs are the same. (I yearn for my skinny waist, but I have the 6-babies-pooch) I found this exercise that this leg model did & toned her legs even more:
    I've done it and seen results, thanks for helping me remember-I'll be adding them to my workout!!

    You can do it...there are so many supportive women and your own will for change!!


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