July 07, 2009


Contentment is something I’ve struggled with all my life. I’ve always found myself wanting nicer clothes, a better car, or smaller thighs. I know as a Christian I’m supposed to be happy with who I am – I’m a sinner saved by God’s grace. It can’t get much better than that right?

But since we’re stuck in this world, its hard not to get caught up in its trappings. Even this weekend, I noticed that most of the bikers had nicer bikes then me. Sure, I have a 10 speed, but its left over from my high school days. The newer bikes that surrounded me had nice padded seats and shocks to absorb the bumps in the road.

You all continue to bear with me through my weight loss journey. I was proclaimed perfectly healthy by my doctor, but that wasn’t good enough. So now I’m attempting to get back to the same weight I was when I left college.

One thing I have found contentment with is my home. Not that it would be very difficult, we’re currently renting an almost 2000 square foot home from his parents. (It certainly pays to be sleeping with the landlord’s son.) Its not just the structure of the home that I’m content with though.

I’ve worked hard to make our house a nice place without spending a lot of money. We’ve put about $500 in paint and furnishings, and if I do say so myself we’ve done a great job. You’d never guess walking into our home that all of the items were either hand-me-downs or bought second hand.

What’s most important about the home is that it just feels good. I many not have enough seating in the living area, or enough beds to accommodate more than two guests, but I can come home from work put my things away and just be at peace.

The crazy thing about all this is that Jay and I have already purchased a piece of land to build on. I told him at the time it felt sinful to be looking for something better when we already had something so good. It’s really not about that though.

It’s okay to dream and set goals for yourself. We want to have the land paid off and a sizeable down payment saved up before we ever start to build our dream farmhouse. That’s quite a lofty goal when you consider its 5.5 acres of land and the house will probably be around 2400 square feet.

The important thing is that even if the dream never happens, I’ll still be happy. Still have a peace in my heart because I know I have a home full of love. Isn’t that what God wants for us – to always be striving to do a little better, be a little better – all the while being content with where He has us for this moment.

This is definitely one of those easier blogged than done areas. I still know that I’m going to be disappointed with myself if I don’t meet my weight loss goals for the week. I couldn’t help but be proud of myself this morning though, looking in the mirror at how far I’d come.

Hopefully I’ll be able to translate this contentment to other parts of my life. For now, I think I’ll just appreciate how great it feels, knowing that a house is just walls and (really pretty) paint. Between my husband and I, we’ve managed to make it into a beautiful home.


  1. I think you are doing great in the contentment area, especially since you are young. I think contentment is a life long issue, and I struggle with it too.

  2. What a great bunch of thoughts...I deal with this in my life on a daily basis as well. This is a good way to look at it though, as setting goals and dreaming. I have to remind myself of the difference between day dreaming and not being at peace with that I have, though. Fine line for me.

    And NO - I certainly didn't know I was going to marry him then (LOL); I was just being goofy with my roommate. And it came to bite me in the butt later - she still reminds me of it.

  3. Yay for contentment! It really is a choice you have to make for yourself. I'm glad that you can be content with renting (it def. helps that it's a big house) when you have land where you can build your dream home. I love farmhouses!!!

  4. I think it's harder to be content when you see other people around you who have so much. We live in a town that's very wealthy, and while we have been seriously blessed, I still want the big house and big paycheck and big education...Grrr...It's frustrating sometimes, but I just have to sit back sometimes and honestly just count my blessings. Like you said, though, it's easier said than done -- but, there's no harm in dreaming of the future! =)

  5. Noooooo...I have not attended her wedding. It's actually kinda sad how her life worked out. I mean...she was so hateful to me and to Hubby, but she's gone through so many weird and crazy relationships and isn't happy often with life. But I'm honestly hoping that she's happy now. =)

  6. oh i know just what you mean. i really do try to be content with what i have and what i am, but i am always thinking one step ahead -- how can this be improved, how can i do this better? usually it's when i see someone else struggling (like in marriage or career) that it reminds me to be thankful for the present. it's easy to forget!

  7. i have been going through the same thing these last few weeks as well. I dont like the way I look, I dont like the fact we are still renting our house. I dont like this and that, especially when all the people around me seem to be moving forward with their lives. They have bought homes, or looking to buy, and we are still saving our emergency fund. We are years away from making a huge downpayment on a home and sometimes it really gets to me. I just keep repeating the dave quote of "live like no one else, so one day you can live like no one else."
    it just gets tough and i know I am being envious rather than joyful and helpful to my friends. uhhhh

  8. terrific feeling isn't it? I love to tell people how 'thankful' I am for my home (that it allows me to 'go to work' & 'go home from work' in the same structure) & every time I say it I am reminded how truely content I am.

  9. This is the second post I've read about contentment...maybe someone is sending me a message. Thanks for the reminder. My family is healthy, we're happy. We don't need all our wants when we have each other.

  10. What a great post! I have also struggled in the contentment area. I think it all depends where you're heart is. I don't think there is anything wrong with wanting certain things out of life, like you said, setting goals and dreams. I think we step into troubled waters when we start to envy what others have. When these dreams and goals come out of just wanting a better life, God can do wonders to help us achieve those goals. When those wants come out of jealousy and envy, we set ourselves up to never be happy. It is all about having contentment with what we can accomplish, set backs and all.

    I admire your desire to have your land paid for and a large down payment for building your house. It shows your desire to do things the responsible way. It also shows that these goals don't come from envying what someone else has.

    I wish more people had your determination. We are lucky enough to almost have our 40 acres paid for (thanks to a huge down payment). And we will still be able to put down enough money to avoid PMI on our house. It is a tough job staying on the disciplined track but reading your blog helps me stay focused. Thanks!!

    By the way, you are doing great with your weight loss goals. I know you wish you would see a smaller number on the scale. But the fact you have lost so many inches is proof that what you are doing is working.

  11. Brooke, I couldn't be more proud of how far you've come. :o)

  12. Well said, but you're right - easier said than done. I struggle with the same issues. I just try to remind myself of all that I have that most (or at least a lot of) people don't have. Sometimes it helps to travel somewhere where others live differently from you. It brings perspective. We went to Ireland a couple years ago. They don't throw anything away there that still works and they only buy the essentials. I bought a picture of an old farmhouse abandonded during the potato famine to remind me of this.

  13. Our dreams are so much like yours. Thanks for the reminder regarding being content with what you have already.


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