July 09, 2009

My Grownup Checklist

I love lists. Its an addiction almost. A friend asked me earlier in the week why I liked running so much and I told her that completing a lap gave me the same high that checking off an item on my to do list does.

Seriously. I'm that dorky. I need an I <3 lists t-shirt.

So here is my grownup financial checklist:

Pay off land
Get life insurance
Open Roth IRA
Save for a down payment for a house

As of this morning I can sort of almost check the life insurance one off my list. We filled out the paperwork last night and had our paramedical exams this morning. (To all my SSJ readers - its a good thing I haven't earned my 10# button yet, that's a question on the application!)

Apparently I was visited by a vampire last night. Both time she stuck me she wasn't able to get blood. She stuck me twice with a butterfly needle, in two different places. I felt more sorry for her than for me, because you could tell it was frustrating her.

I'm use to it. I have tiny veins and apparently they like to roll.

Jay, with his hemophilia, was worried about the opposite problem. She stuck him and he wanted to hurry and get the tourniquet off before her viles were full so that he didn't bleed too much.

Poor lady. You'd think visiting a couple of 20 somethings would be much easier than that.

As far as the list goes, I'd love to mark another item off, but it looks like I'll hold for now. It'll just have to be enough to know that its in process.

Paying off the land is a work-in-progress as well. Stay tuned for updates!


  1. I'm a sucker for list too! Like I'm seriously addicted to them...so bad that I will sit and try and think up of something that I can make a list for...I'm bad, I know!

  2. I LOVE my lists. I have notepads everywhere, and I am familiar with that high you speak of!

  3. I too LOVE lists!! if I don't have a couple in progress I feel lost. :)

  4. I love lists too! Sometimes when I'm making one of things I want to get done in the day, I write down things I've already done, so I can cross them off!
    You are doing great on your financial list.

  5. I love lists too! The best high is when a list can be thrown away because all is done. But I usually make another list before the first is finished, transferring items and adding more. Sad, I know.

  6. List fan too! There's nothing like checking/crossing off an item.

  7. sigh... grown up lists, still look so foreign to me.

  8. There have been times in my life when I had a list of lists....seriously. But now I don't know if it's because life is simpler or I've lost control but there are fewer lists....more notes.

    Checking in from SITS....if you need any help with getting ready to buy a house...check in with me. I'm a realtor and my specialty is first-time home buyers. :-)


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