September 15, 2008

Paper & Plastic or Stoneware & Silver

I'm currently experiencing the one time in life where a girl is encouraged to be selfish, and I desperately with I didn't have to be. As ridiculous as it sounds I'm duty bound to bask in the tidal wave of gifts - things we don't truly need, but rather would make our home more aesthetically pleasing.

Sure, I'd love to have a new set of dinnerware, but that hand-me-down set from my sister has worked fine for years and I'm sure that wouldn't stop after "I do". My first (of four) shower went exceptionally well. So what's the big problem?

Tonight I got a call from my church asking if I could go to the New Orleans/Texas area to help work a food trailer. My heart soared - my work with disaster relief after Katrina was one of the most blessed times in my life. I looked forward to being able to make a difference in a very real way again. We would leave3 on the 20th and potentially come back on the 27th. The 27th? That's the day of my shower in West Virginia for Mr. Right's family. Invitations have already been sent and plans have already been made.

So please, fell sorry for me, as I lay in bed crying off my $15 anti-wrinkle cream. Because instead of helping feed people who's lives were damaged by Hurricane Ike, I have to put on my Sunday best, smile as I'm introduced to dozens of strangers, and open $20 dinner plates and $30 silverware place settings.

This isn't the person I want to be. So why do my actions say otherwise? My heart is breaking right now. I think its safe to assume that God could say the same.

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  1. Since it's Mr. Right's family, is there any way the shower could be pushed back a week so you could go? If they are Christians they might understand. It would take a lot of calling on the part of the hosts, but hopefully they wouldn't mind if you were out serving the Lord (which I don't think is selfish at all).

    If that doesn't work, is there any way you could go with your church and maybe fly directly from NOLA or Houston to Virginia? You could send your Sunday best with Mr. Right and meet up with them there.


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