February 27, 2009

February Grocery Wrap-up

I started the month with a lofty goal – to not spend any money on groceries for the month of February. Since I rarely buy fresh fruits and veggies, and my freezer is stocked full of meat purchased on sale, I thought I’d have a relatively easy time of it

One thing I didn’t consider was lunch. I knew that I had plenty of canned soup and frozen lunches to do me for the month, but I didn’t factor any variety in.

When Kroger put their deli lunch meat on sale for $1 a pack – I decided that I had to break my “no spend” rule. The objective was to save money, and buying it down the road at a more expensive price doesn’t save anything.

After coupons (and adding green peppers and baby carrots to my cart) my first trip to the store totaled $11.20. I put a couple of packs of lunch meat in the fridge and threw the rest in the freezer for future use.

My next trip into the store included buying a pack of diapers for my sister (with coupon of course) and a few other almost free items totaling $13.27. The next trip was $11.73.

Then came the temptation – a $5 off when you purchase $45 or more. These coupons come around every few months and I like to use them to stockpile food. I rarely spend $45 a week on groceries, so I use this as the opportunity to stock my cabinets full with staples.

I couldn’t pass up this opportunity to save $5 on items I would use any way, so I caved under the pressure. Luckily for me, Kroger was having another $10/10 sale. I ended up spending a total of $33.09 (after coupons and beer*).

*Beer doesn’t count toward your $45 total. Its also something not regularly purchased at the house. Instead it’s a “stop dipping aid” that never seems to work. That $8.20 will be added to my “dip money” shopping spree!

My February monthly total came to $69.29. Not quite low enough to make me happy, but I know I got some great deals out of it.

Maybe I should reinstitute the challenge for the month of March. Then again, I have a $6 off a $60 purchase for next week. So maybe not!

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  1. You did great! I should try this - I don't know if I could do it though!

  2. Dang, girl! Yeah, my grocery trips are NEVER that cheap.


  3. Wow, good job! I'm just trying to stay under my $300 budget (including toiletries, eating out, and other occasional expenses like a pool pass or food for a get together).

  4. I am impressed that you spent less than $100 in the entire month. That is fabulous. The only way I could do it is to throw the store ads away without looking at them ~ sales are my downfall!!

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog! I think you did great with your spending! It's so hard to pass up great deals isn't it?!


  6. Every time I read a post like this it reminds me that I spend WAY too much on food. I think Food Network is a shopping trigger.

  7. Girl you put me to shame in your savings on food! Way to go.

  8. That's something we never do quite. But then there's 8 in all of our family.:) Sam's Club really help out to avoid high costs by purchasing larger quantities of staples and non-staples ( :) okay, I love the cheesecake bites ) and we'll mostly wait until a real good deal comes up at one of our local supermarkets then buy big and freeze most for later like you did. Great idea, I might add. :)

  9. Wow! You know how to save, woman!

    Thanks for visiting my site when I was featured on SITS the other day.

  10. I went to Kroger today...and only went in for biscuits...BUT I left with 10lbs of hamburger - 12lbs of pot roast (3 total) - 15 lbs of chicken breast of the boneless skinless variety :) 4 pkgs of smoked sausage - 2 pkgs of bologna - 4 pkgs of hot dogs - 2 lg pkgs of crab meat (my splurge) 4 whole chickens..2 loaves of white bread - 2 loaves of wheat bread - 4 pkgs of hot dog buns - 2 boxes of saltines..




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