December 31, 2008


Lois over at Fearfully, Wonderfully Made has given me my first every bloggy award!

As proud recipient of the award, I must now share 10 things about myself that I ordinarily wouldn’t tell people.

1. I have a horrible temper. Sorta like the incredible hulk. It’s quite embarrassing, especially since people don’t have clotheslines anymore and it’s hard to find a new shirt after ripping yours off.

2. I’m married to an unbeliever. He’s learning about God, seeking. But I pledged my life to him knowing that there was a real possibility I would never share the God I love with the man that I love.

3. I never wanted children. Still don’t have that great longing in my heart for them. Mr. Right does though, and I know when I have one I’ll love him/her.

4. My wedding ring set has 33 diamonds on it – because Mr. Right’s favorite basketball player is Larry Bird. Seriously.

5. I’m very insecure. I’ve wondered if I’m the “pity friend” before.

6. I hate playing secret santa and am glad we didn’t do it at work this year.

7. Mercy is NOT my spiritual gift. In fact sometimes my thoughts about others can be quite cruel.

8. I like the TV Show Family Guy. I’m glad that God saved me by grace because otherwise that show alone could send me straight to hell. “And the fireworks go BANG!”

9. I’m very smug that I had an eco-friendly high gas-mileage car before it was trendy. In fact, I got my 38 MPG car because I couldn’t afford the nicer SUV.

10. I’ve always idolized my sister. She’s seriously that amazing.

I’ll pass this award along to my first friend in the bloggy world, Katie.


  1. FAMILY GUY? I think we are sisters cuz I love that show and every time I watch it I feel guilty afterwards because it is SO not a Christian show!

    Other reasons we could be sisters:
    I often wonder if I'm the pity friend and I'm not crazy about having kids either!

  2. You are so hilarious! I love No. 4! That sounds like my hubby.


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