December 09, 2008

Tree Bling

Today Sara at Greetings from Butterville is hosting a Show off your Tree Bling carnival!

I don't have very many household decorations beyond my tree (now that I actually have a house I hope to change that with this year's post holiday sales). Here is a picture of me as I'm putting up the tree. I've worked 8 long hours, done freezer cooking, then started on the tree. I realize I look a little short/stumpy/tired. Please don't judge me, just enjoy the work in progress on the tree! (clicking on the picture makes them larger)

Mr. Right assembled the tree, but knew he wouldn't quite decorate it to suit me so all the fun was left up to me. Right now I only have two presents remaining to wrap and get under the tree.

If you noticed the band of lights on my tree that doesn't work - please don't ask. A two year old threw a temper tantrum and broke the lights *hopes everyone forgets that I don't have a two year old*


  1. Brooke, you are so cute!
    "I look slumpy and tired, don't judge me." NO judgement here! Your tree is fabulous! You are so nice to let Mr. Right decorate, for the longest time only I could do that...but this year the happy bug must have bit me because the kids did a lot of it. Thanks for stopping by and sharing.
    Merry Christmas, nice to meet you!

  2. Okay, I love your tree, but I am sooo jealous of your kitchen! ;) When we "upgraded" from our apartment to a house, I had no idea our house's kitchen would be SMALLER than the apartment kitchen. Lol!!

  3. Looks great! Enjoy your first Christmas as a newlywed!

  4. i think we all feel like you look in that photo. happy in our hearts, but tired as can be! wonderful post and never even noticed the strand of lights that were out!

    nice to meet you!

  5. Well, goodness I think you look super cute!
    Love the tree and your house. :) I agree with Lois Lane - what a fantastic kitchen! :)

  6. It's funny the thing WE notice about ouselves but most everyone else looks past it...
    Yout don't look slumpy and tired and I didn't even notice the strand of lights that are out. Enjoy your tree in your's beautiful!

  7. That first Christmas is so fun. Your tree looks great. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  8. Very cute! And I'm with the others, your house looks great!

  9. Your tree is beautiful! Love it!
    Enjoy your first Christmas!

  10. What a nice tree!

    So glad that Sara put this little carnival together!

  11. Your tree looks marvelous and your house looks great!

  12. Best to learn early on that when left on their own, Mr. Right can do just fine. You have a very cute tree.


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