December 10, 2008

The wedding - part 3

Finally it was time for the moment Mr. Right had been dreading since we got engaged – the first dance

He’s not a dancer, and certainly didn’t want all those eye watching him mess up. I told him not to worry, all slow dancing involves is swaying back and forth. But I wish I’d check on the length of the song – we danced to Keith Urban’s Memories of Us and it seemed to last forever!
Next up was the father-daughter dance. I had set up a surprise for my dad. All along I told him we weren’t having one. When he heard Butterfly Kisses start playing you could see the surprise and delight in his eyes. He started crying immediately. I hugged him tight because I knew what was coming and couldn’t control the laughter.
He looked confused at the record scratch then the familiar stoic opening. “He had plastic bags wrapped ‘round his shoes, he was covered in the evening news...” Everyone told me that I couldn’t play a song about a homeless guy at my wedding. The only problem was that Almost Home by Craig Morgan is our song. My father is a sap who cries at everything. So when the song came out in 2003, he cried every time he heard it.
And being a good daughter, I mocked him every time. Whenever I hear it on the radio, I quickly call him, turn up the radio, and put the phone up to the speaker. I knew it was the perfect choice for our father-daughter dance. I had given the photographer heads up and he got it perfectly. The sweet tears of my dad, the laughter from me, the confusion of the record scratch and best of all the “you little sh*t” look on my dad’s face when he realized that they were playing our song. This picture was taken by my sister after the real song started playing.

Then it was time for the mother-son dance. I mingled, going from table to table saying hello while my new husband danced with his mom.


  1. Wedding stories are always fun! I enjoyed reading yours. Your hub's aversion to dancing made me laugh. When (if) we dance at weddings, my hubs just leans against the wall and sways from there. It's become a running joke for us, "That's not dancing! You have to move your feet!" Oh, well, at least he makes my dancing look good! (I couldn't dance to save my life!)

  2. What a great time to stop by your blog for the first time. You were a beautiful bride.

    You will NEVER forget that special day as long as you live.

    Just lovely!


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