December 23, 2008

Movie Night Monday Review

I'm sure I'm behind for the rest of the bloggy world - but I got my first free Redbox DVD rental last night! Since it was spur of the moment, I didn't consult Mr. Right and just chose Hancock - a movie I had been wanting to see.

Normally Monday night is Chuck and Heroes night at the Right household, so I've never bothered with the free codes. Both of those shows won't be back on till the first of the year, so I thought the rental would be the perfect way to spend the evening!

After work I walked with my mother, then headed to Walgreens (our Redbox location). Since I also had to go to CVS to grab up their two day only Extra Care Buck deals, I told Mr. Right we'd be having leftovers for dinner.

On the way home I decided that pizza and popcorn would be the perfect treat to go with our movie night. (Not to mention the leftovers I was going to serve consisted of chicken slop from last Monday - and my mom assured me chicken didn't stay good that long.)

While I wasn't all that crazy about the movie (I was expecting a superhero-comedy), Pizza/Popcorn/Movie night was a success! We've even decided that in the future when Monday codes are available, we'll tape Chuck and Hereos and watch them the following evening. Although instead of having frozen pizza, it would be more economical to keep the boxed pizza kits on hand.

Amazingly enough, I think Mr. Right and I are actually going to survive this cable fast!

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  1. Hancock was a bit weightier than I'd anticipated. I still think Hitch is the best, Will Smith being my favorite actor. The line, "I saw that going differently in my mind", gets used around here alot!


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