January 20, 2011

Chaos in Search of Order

My life isn't going as planned.  In some ways its going better than I could have dreamed and in some ways I'm too worried about how to get it back on track to enjoy where I am.

With a bathroom remodel that's a month over projected time (with no end in sight), a tiny little hiccup like not reading the current chapter for my Thursday's read along group seems insignificant.  Being the perfectionist that I am, it feels like incomplete homework or something.

To read posts by people who actually read chapter 6 of @stickyJesus, head on over to Michelle's blog.  From her post, it looks like this chapter will hit me hard where I struggle a lot - comparing myself to others.  I hope to get caught up tonight, but if not I'll definitely have both chapters 6 and 7 read for next week.

I would like to take a moment though, and ask for prayer.  Not for me, but for my family, friends, and friends of friends.  I often get caught up in the little things that go wrong.  Truth be told I'm very blessed to live such a cushy life.  Jay says I'm bragging when I count my blessings on my blog, and I certainly don't want to do that. 

I just often need a reminder of just how good I've got it.  Looking into the blog-o-sphere quickly shows me.

*If you've seen the #prayingforjoanne hash tag on twitter but weren't sure who Joanne is or why she needs prayer?  Please check out her web site.

Wife and mom Joanne had a major stroke last week and her husband Toben is updating her blog with status updates on her condition. 

*Penny's aunt Betty..."has a very aggressive type of cancer, small cell cancer, I believe it's called. It's in her lung and her liver and her kidneys and her brain. There is no cure. There is a hope for remission, though..."

*Jamee lives daily with chronic illness, yet she doesn't let that get in her way of living life.

Also I'd like to ask for prayer for my mother.  She's having surgery to remove her thyroid on Monday.  Its supposed to be a fairly simple procedure, but I know she's scared.  Fear of complications, how she will fill afterward, and the terrifying "what if this doesn't fix it?"

Please let me know if you have a need you'd like me to remember.  Those of you who left requests pre-marathon, please know I haven't forgotten them.

Dear Lord,

I thank you for the many blessings in my life.  Forgive me for getting so caught up in myself that I fail to see them.  Your grace and mercy knows no end, and for that I am grateful, because I sure need a lot of them both.  I ask you to remember these wonderful ladies.  You know their lives, you know their struggles.  Be with them as they fight these battles.  Be with their families as they look on, grasping for ways to help.

We are weak creatures desperately trying to grasp on to something to keep our lives from spinning out of control.  You promised to be our Rock.  Forgive us when we feebly try to fix things. Give us the strength to turn it all over to You. 

I love you.


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  1. MY DH and I were just talking about this very topic this morning and how my goal for this year is to STOP comparing myself to others. I need to learn to love ME for me! I just started reading Made to Crave this morning and already it has impacted me.
    I am very blessed to have found a great group of women to share this new year and journey with and I am thankful to our Father for putting them all in my life...even if it is via blogging☺!
    I have another blog that I write and could use prayer with the issues I talk about. You can find visibleangels.blogspot in my profile.
    I will pray for you and for the ladies and families you have named here!

  2. I have felt that way this week. Sometimes when things "pile" up, I tend to forget just how blessed I truly am and have to stop, ask for forgiveness for my selfishness.....and then pray for everyone around me, while at the same time, thanking Him for everything/everyone around me. Ill pray for your requests!

  3. You are blessed and reminding yourself isn't bragging. We (well most of us, me included) need to be reminded of our blessings. Will definitely be praying for your requests. xo

  4. You are so right - there are so many needs out there and they make mine looks pretty small.
    I've been following what's going on with Joanne, and of course Penny's aunt too. I haven't heard of Jamie and will go visit her site. I'll add your Mom to my list too.

  5. Beautifully said Brooke, beautifully said.

  6. Oh, thank you, Brooke! You are so incredibly sweet.

    And "brag" all about your blessings! I love hearing what God is doing in the lives around me. It's refreshing, and I really live in others' joys as well as my own. =)

    Praying for your mom and your family as she has surgery. Even though they always say things like "standard" and stuff like that, it's still nerve-wracking.

  7. I don't think of it as bragging, especially because you give God the glory for His blessings! I've been praying for Joanne, too. I'll also lift these other ladies up to the Lord in prayer.

  8. I tagged you in a Stylish Blog Award. See my blog for details.


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