January 28, 2011

I need your help!

Valentine's is just around the corner and I need a good idea for my man! 

We're leaving for Maui the following week, so I'm hoping for a free/cheap idea.  Just something that lets him know how much I love him and appreciate his hard work for our family.

In the past I've tried homemade coupon books, and those don't work so well.  Unless of course the coupon reads "good for one free load of laundry: washed, dried, folded and put away."  In which case the coupon gets redeemed immediately.

But that coupon for a moonlit trip to Big Rock?  Yeah still in the envelope from 4 Christmases ago.

Also - what's the rule on re-wearing formals?

Every year (this this will be my 6th or 7th year) I volunteer at the Cure Finder's Valentine's Dinner and Dance.  In years past, I've been able to find a good bargain on formal wear.  Its two weekends away and I still have nothing to wear!

I had planned on wearing a LBD I had worn at my previous employer's Christmas party, but who was I kidding!  That was over 6 years and more than 6 pounds ago! 

This weekend I'm going out shopping and hope that I'll find a bargain, but looking for a bargain is usually hit or miss.  Tirah has kindly offered to let me borrow something of hers, but since we're not exactly next door neighbors, I worry about postage costs, and of course fit.

What do you think?  How many years should I wait before re-wearing the collection I have in my closet from the past 6 years?  (Assuming those would fit of course.)  While memories aren't that good and no one probably remembers my outfit from 2 years ago, there is a professional photographer on site who does formal portraits that I keep up in my office.


  1. i say if it fits, wear it!
    when you know the rules break them...and even if you don't, break them any way! :)

  2. what about a few pics boudoir style? They are usually really nice and private... if you cant get to a photographer -- you can do them yourself with the timer on your camera. I have an album for my DH and he loves it.(I did the pics myself) Then I gave him a coupon with the idea that he could be behind the camera for a few and he got to choose the outfit...

  3. I like Jodi's idea for the gift. I also think it would be a great way for you to love your body and only share them with the man you love.

    I'm super serious about the dresses by the way. I have two I think would work great for you. One is red spaghetti strap very simple but beautiful I wore on my first cruise and the second is a black spaghetti strap dress with a hot pink accent top. Sounds weird but it was awesome.

    I don't think postage would be very much and I wouldn't expect you to send them back. I've been trying to sale them in the classifieds section with no such luck. Plus, Chris' company ships things every day and we get his company rate.

    If you want me to send them just give me your address and enough time incase they need to be dry cleaned because of shipping.

  4. I like Jodi's idea too. And If the dress fits and you didn't wear last year I say go for it! Have fun and don't forget to post a picture from the party. =)

  5. I need gift ideas, too! I'l come back to see if anybody else had good ideas!! As for the dress, I don't know etiquette for sure, but I say if it fits wear it!

  6. Does he have favorite candy bars/snacks that you could make a fun basket with his faves? What about a magazine subscription? I always get G a pair of boxers. We don't spend alot for Valentines.


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