January 11, 2011

Walt Disney World Marathon - Race Report

The whole Disney experience was great: meeting for the first time IRL some awesome chicas, experiencing the "magic of Disney", and getting away from the cold weather/snow storm back home for a weekend.

But those are all things to talk about in a different blog.

The race.

I was very glad to have those awesome chicas (and chicos) around me race morning.  Christie O. had heard the day before about people missing the buses to the race because they stopped running at the 4AM cut off time (not that they arrived late, they just stopped running at 4 despite the line).

Kirsten decided to set the alarm for 2:30 to try and catch the bus around 3ish.  We'd packed our bags to check the night before and laid out or race gear.  The only morning of prep work that remained was popping an English Muffin in the toaster and getting dressed.

As we were walking to the main building, I noticed a couple ladies carrying their refillable Disney mugs back to their rooms.   Which (thankfully) triggered in my mind that I'd forgotten my hand held water bottle.  It was the only thing not with the rest of my stuff (I'd left it filled and in the cooler overnight).

A bit flustered, I headed back to our building and got on the elevator with a fellow racer.  I got off when the doors opened and went to room --08.  Banging on the door (we'd left all our keys with Jay) I waited to be  let in.  Then I noticed there was a "privacy please" sign on the door.

Only I was the last person out.

And I hadn't put the sign on the door.

Looking over I noticed I was at 4608 instead of 4508. 

I had just banged on the wrong door.

Before anyone came to the door I took off in a run.  Thankfully I made it around the corner before seeing if they answered the knock.  I felt bad, until later when Kirsten informed me of their loud activities had been obnoxious the night before.  Guess I was tired because while Tim and Jay confirmed that they were really loud.  I hadn't heard anything.

Loading the bus was thankfully drama free.  We were off to the starting gates.  Here was where I was thankful to have my Shrinking Jeans hookers around me (plus Christie O's friend Nicole and Mr. Christie O. and Mr. Kirsten.)  We arrived early, but it just took a few potty breaks to eat up that time and we were off to the corals.

Seemed that there was a porta-potty on every turn.  Except in the coral.  So guess where the urge hit me?  While I'm not above peeing in a bush, there are just some things a girl needs a proper bathroom for.

Also?  It was a COLD morning.  Maybe not by Tennessee in January standards, but by I'm-in-Florida-dressed-in-shorts-and-a-thin-long-sleeved-shirt standards.  When I went to sit down in the coral (I was going to be there waiting for our start for an hour), my legs were so cold and stiff my skin hurt.

I had dressed in a tank, with a thin zip pullover, and a pair of shorts for the promised 70 degree weather.  I was under dressed for sitting around in the cool morning air.  Once the first runners started, the excitement really started.  In less than 30 minutes I'd take my official first steps of the journey I'd been anticipating for the past year.

I was glad to have Christie O. and her Mr. in my coral, it really helped with the wait.  I knew that once we crossed the start line we'd be running our own race.  I was use to running alone.  I'd never practiced sitting in a coral for an hour by myself.

By the time my first scheduled incoming phone call came in, the sun was up, but I was still freezing.  My mom and dad called with their words of support and encouragement before they headed to church.  As I ran through one of the mile markers, my mom asked what all that racket was. 

That racket, was the sound system that the race officials had set up to play music at intervals along the way.  Later in the race, that racket would mess up my race mojo.

(Click Here to continue to part 2)

(I don't want to bore you to tears.  We'll be in the park soon I promise.)


  1. Yeay, race reports!!! Not at all boring, BTW...it's great to hear about the "endurance events" BEFORE the marathon. Glad you had great company for the pre-race stuff!

  2. Heart!!! Love the race report -- all of it!! =D

  3. Can't wait for the full report!! What a great start you had...you can't beat starting off with friends!!

  4. YAY!!!!!!!!! cant wait for future installments!!!

  5. I've loved the preliminary reports! I can about imagine the look on your face when you realized you were knocking on the wrong door. :)
    Can't wait to hear the rest!

  6. Yes, I'm excited to hear the rest too! Obviously not boring to me, I LOVE THEM!!! AND I LOVE YOU!!!

  7. I big puffy heart you and your drawn out race reports!

  8. i love that you are reporting it all! :) can't wait to read the rest...

  9. Love it! Now I'm heading off to part 2.


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