January 12, 2011

Power of One Check in

Power of One Challenge

Challenge start: 137
Last week: 136.2
This week: 137.8

Oops, forgot to take my Walt Disney World Marathon medal off!

This week: 137.2.

I gained a pound this week.  Boo freakin hoo.  I also ran 26.2 miles on Sunday.  Add to that my eating was thrown off by the travel to and from Florida.  And the ramen noodles I made last night when I was too lazy to cook a real dinner.  I'm not at all concerned about the gain. 

Now that I'm done with the training causing me to burn a million calories a week (and making me hungry enough to consume 2 million calories a week) I'm going to just try to make sensible choices and see where that takes me.

Check out my race report.  I split it up in 3 sections, but they all connect back into one another.  Thanks again for all your support leading up to and after the race!!  A special thanks to Audrey for waving those pom-pons for us at the finish line! and to Bari for chatting with me through the half way point.


  1. I triple puffy heart love you, Brooke! I don't think you should EVER take that medal off :) So what if it adds a half a pound - you earned it!!!!

    It was so fun sharing your day with you, even if I couldn't be there in person to see you finish, know that you, Kirsten and Christie were there in my heart.


  2. I'm glad that you aren't letting that number bother you. Because seriously. 26.2, baby!!

  3. Wahoo!! Way to go, sister! Just finished your race recaps :) That scale # is off - I always retain about 4lbs of water post marathon. It falls off fast. Congrats again!

  4. So proud of you! What and acomplishment!!! WAY TO GO!!!!

  5. I am so glad I was there to wave the pom poms for you and the others! And I loved your weigh-in "oops forgot to take off the medal" comment. Ummm, aren't you going to wear it for the next few months? I think I would! :)

  6. You are KICK ASS!!! Love you and that you did it!

    Now can you show me how to be kick ass again? LOL!

  7. You rock! I've told you that before, though, haven't I? :)

  8. You're so freaking filarious, Brooke! I love you!!!!

  9. You're too funny. And you're a dork. IJS.

    I'm glad you are taking the gain with stride. Because, dude?

    26.2 miles.


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