July 22, 2008

1 months groceries + new eco bags =

okay so I was going to have this really cute picture of my ONE bag full of a month's worth of groceries. then i was going to have a cute picture of me carrying the bag over my shoulder. but Mr. Right got busy with work last night and forgot to transfer the pictures over. so get a mental image - a black fred meyer bag with pictures of veggies on the front. and inside loaded down with groceries.

yesterday was the first time this month i had been to the grocery store. normally i do my main shopping at the first of the month, then only head back if there are any good sales. there have been none in my area this month and we've been eating out of the pantry. so last night my $26.82 worth of groceries is my bill for the month (unless they have a can't beat sale next week).

i don't count my health and beauty purchases because not only do i play the drug store game - but i've been playing it for the past three months with a $25 gift card i got from CVS when i moved a RX there. (BTW - I still have $15.98 on that card so it should do me through October.)

July's groceries

10 lb bag sugar (store brand)
2 cans diced tomoatoes (store brand)
mexican blend shredded cheese (store brand)
shredded cheddar cheese (store brand)
shredded mozzarella cheese (store brand)
2 jars minced garlic (half price close out)
pizza sauce (enough for 3 large pizzas)
1 dozen medium eggs
1 sloppy joe seasoning packet
36 packets of kool-aid

just check out my menu plan mondays to see that i do indeed cook real meals (well not by everyone's standards). i stockpile meat, so some months i spend closer to $80 a month for groceries. but you will notice no fresh fruits or veggies. i buy frozen veggies to mix in, but Mr. Right and I just aren't healthy eaters.

my LOST message board friends and i started a "bag lady" club. whenever we see a new or cool reusable eco-friendly shopping bag, we buy it in bulk and ship it across the country. I'm the proud owner of a really cool trader joe's bag from california. no doubt the only shopper in this town to have one. B-) from experience they had all told me that you use far less bags with the reusable kind, since they are bigger/stronger they can hold more. and the elderly man who bagged my groceries proved them right. he got the entire month's groceries in one bag. and it wouldn't have been to bad either if not for the weight of the 10 lb bag of sugar! it did make my trip to the car in the rain much easier. i just threw the bag over my shoulder and didn't have to mess with returning a cart!


  1. I love the bag lady club idea. Very clever.

  2. Thanks for the comment on my blog!

    The grocery store totes really are great, aren't they? I will never go back to those plastic bags!

  3. I'm addicted to my shopping bags too! The bag lady club is a great idea!

    I've got some from Tesco, which is kind of like a Super Target over in the UK. I've caught a couple of people looking at it trying to figure out what store it is from, hehe.


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