July 17, 2008

Salon Day

You would think anyone this excited about going to the salon would be getting something more than just a trim. The truth is that I'd like to have a couple of inches (if not more) cut off my hair, but I'm trying to keep it long/grow it out for the wedding. I have in mind exactly want I want to do (Mr. Right will love it) and I have to keep it long. I just keep telling myself that if I could grow my hair out for 8 months for my sister's wedding, then I can stand another few months for my own.

This was the trip I was planning to talk to my stylist about doing my hair for the wedding. I'm terrified that she'll charge more than I'm willing to pay. I like her a lot. She does a great job with my hair and calming my fears (I had a bad cut from another stylist earlier in the year and I still haven't recovered) and she's also a really sweet lady. I just don't think that i could pay someone $100 for a hairstyle.

Today's plan was to casually ask her how much she charges as we were discussing my hair and the wedding (sounds perfect right?). Then I got scared that she would say a ridiculous amount, and then since I had brought it up she would expect that I would make an appointment. So I suppose I'll just wait a week or so and call back anonymously.

I think I could do my own hair, but is it worth forking over the money as a little extra pampering on my special day? Please know that I have cried about my hair before, so I have visions of bridezilla pitching in fit when she can't do her own hair properly.


  1. If you think you can do your own, go for it! You will probably feel better in the end for not spending the money. I did my own and my hubby loved it...he asked me later on who did it and was surprised when I told him it was me. :-)

    Congrats on your engagement!

  2. You should ask during the appointment, there might be a discount for a frequent/regular customer. Or maybe she'll offer to do it on the side?

    I had a HORRIBLE haircut experiance 4 months before my wedding, lets just say I looked like friggin Carol Brady. That was the end of my $5 haircuts at beauty school!!

  3. I had my hair done for my wedding (and for a number of friend's weddings too). I've never paid more than 45, and usually it's around 30. Now I live in Indiana, so possibly it's less expensive here than othere places. I don't believe in getting cheap-o haircuts though, so I go to a nice salon for my haircuts; however, for up-do's I've had great experiences with the less expensive salons, and a terrible experience with a more expensive salon. It just depends on the person.

    One thing I do strongly recommend is doing at least 1 "run through" before deciding if you want her to do your hair. You need to know what to expect!

    Man, I could talk about weddings all day long :)

  4. I would definitely try to get your hair done by someone. It's a day full of nerves, and the last thing you want to be doing is freaking out over how long you're spending on your hair and how it's working out.

    I'm with "ambrose family"; definitely do a practice run.


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