November 04, 2009

Ask the Reader

Tomorrow is my first official day of vacation (although a big chunk of it will be devoted to traveling) so I thought I'd put you guys in the driver's seat today.

1. Are family vacations annual event for you?

2. Who goes with you on family trips?  Just the people in your household, or your extended family?

3. What was your favorite vacation?

Since I'm asking you guys to work a little, I guess I can do the same.

1. In my mind annual - Jay's not use to that, so it'll be a little work on my part.

2. Typically we do an extended weekend with my parents, sister, BIL, niece and nephew.  I'm also trying to do a full week just he and I.

3. My parents were great about taking us on vacation and making it special.  Hawaii is the most exotic place we've been together (Not sure Ireland counts since we were visiting the BIL's family.)  I loved the trips to the beach and my sister and I got to go with our grandparents and our parents stayed at home.  It made me feel so grown up!


  1. IRELAND TOTALLY COUNTS! i would give my left arm to go there. my husband's family is from there. so my family tried to take vacations growing up but it wasn't very regular. my husband's family vacationed in the same place every single year, the same dates every single year. i hope to do something kind of in the middle, a vacation every year, but not necessarily in the same place. i'm excited for you and your fun vacation!! have the best time ever! ps. i DID run on vacation this year, so think about that when you're wanting to blow off that 11 miler!!! that race aint gonna run itself!! haha. i'm kidding. sort of. have so much fun though!!!

  2. growning up w/a single mom of 3 family vacations were unheard of. however Tim & I take several long weekends each year for our 'vacations' since I am self employed its easier to financially handle :) we have taken 2 week long vacations in the 12.5 yrs we've been married & both were w/MIL to visit family in AZ.

  3. 1. Are family vacations annual event for you? I go somewhere every year but how much of a true vacation it is depends on what's going on. I do always schedule a few long weekends to get away and completely unplugged.

    2. Who goes with you on family trips? Just the people in your household, or your extended family? My household is just me so vacations are usually to visit someone else or I'll go with my brother's family somewhere -- usually camping. Not so fun traveling all alone.

    3. What was your favorite vacation? My favorite is a toss-up between two we did as a family when I was younger. One was a week long trip to the Redwoods in northern California. It was awesome. We set-up camp in a central location and spent every day going somewhere. The second was a trip to Montana to visit my mom's cousins. I really hit it off with them and still visit them often.

  4. We go to the beach with extended family. Have been now for about 5 years. The kids love hanging with their cousins. We each stay in our condos so it's the "together but separate" vacation. Works for everyone.

    Safe traveling.

  5. Growing up we went somewhere several times a year. Ok, more than that. My mom can't sit still for more than 2 weeks, then she has to pack up the car and drag everyone else with her wherever she wants to go. Usually that's the beach, only 2 hour drive away.

    As a grown up we TRY to go somewhere once a year as a family, and hopefully 2 weekends away just the two of us. So far that hasn't happened, but that's the goal.

    Usually it's just our family, but every once in a while my parents will invite me and the girls to go to the beach with them. Usually Hubs can't come due to work.

    My favorite vacation growing up was the biggest. My dad got 3 months off every 5 years, and one year we went on an RV trip across the country for 11 weeks. I was 13 years old and I remember so much from that trip! My grandma came too, so it was the four of us, plus granny, plus our 2 dogs. In one RV! It's amazing we didn't kill each other!! lol But as a result I've been to most of the national parks, and have seen the sights in most major cities, and lets not forget the historical sites! I learned a lot!

  6. We always took a family vacation during the summer when I was younger and so we try to take one now that I have kids of my own. Usually when we go my in-laws go with us. We love having them go! We always have so much fun. We have been to several water parks, the beach, and our next big trip will be Disney. We have been planning for a year!!! So excited.
    Have a great time and don't forget to take lots of pictures.

  7. 1) Yes, we try to take an annual vacation, although there were some years where it was a staycation.
    2) Our vacations have varied. Usually it's just our family, but we've gone with friends and other family members too.
    3) My favorite was a few years ago when Andy graduated from basic training in S Carolina. We rented a van and took our married daughter and her husband, along with Heather. We drove through numerous states, spending 10 days together. We had a blast!

  8. I totally think that as many vacations as you can squeeze into a year you should do!

    We like to take all of our kids but also enjoy our trips alone. We usually plan at least one of each type, each year.

    When our kids were growing up we spend alot of time on the coast. We love National parks. When we travel alone we are more exotic: Europe, Hawaii or big cities like New York or San Francisco.

    I think you work hard so you should play hard too!


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