November 18, 2009

Weigh-in Wednesday - Who Cares about the Scale?

I weighed in Monday, 4 days after my vacation (from exercise and tracking too) and was only 2 pounds over my goal weight! Today I'm back down to my goal weight.

More importantly this week, is my fitness level.  Saturday is my half marathon!!!  I did a little research yesterday to try to mentally prepare myself for the race.  I've learned a some things (although I could have probably guessed all of them!)

         1. I'll be one of (if not the) last across the finish line. 

2008 Results - There is a 3 hour time limit this year. I typically do my long runs with between a 12 or 13 minute mile, which translates into a 2:37-2:50 finish time. I typically run races faster than I can in training. Not on purpose, but because of adrenaline or something I race better. I'm hoping to be on the low end of that range.

         2. Its probably gonna be cold!!

Take a look at these pictures.  Keeping in mind that it was in the low 70s (at 3 in the afternoon) here this past weekend for my last long run before the race.  I wore a tank top and felt perfect.  Here's the forecast for this weekend: 30% chance of precip, 58° high and 47° low!  The race starts at 8:30, so I'm guessing its closer to the low.  Good thing I broke in those running pants before our November heat wave hit!

       3. I'm probably gonna cry.

I got choked up looking at pictures of last year's race.  I'm such a dork.  Hopefully someone will step up and smack me.  I got so annoyed with Rebecca crying during her race on Biggest Loser last night, but I have no doubt that'll be me!!

      4. I'm going to have a huge support group there.

Jay will be going with me bright and early that morning, then my parents, sister, brother-in-law, and their two kids will be waiting for me at the finish line.  Normally the princess jumps into my arms when she first sees me for a big ole hug, I hope she understand why I probably won't be able to pick her up after the race!

My brother-in-law mentioned writing the princess and little man's names on his hand before his big race.  I was thinking of doing something similar, after all my niece and nephew are part of the reason I run.

I'm nervous. I'm excited.

I'm really going to do this!!

How'd you do this past week?  (PS - I'm at 22.6 miles for the competition.)

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  1. I'm so excited for you! Great job on reaching and maintaining your goal weight! Can't wait to hear how the race goes -- we're all rooting for you!

  2. Congrats on reaching your goal weight!! I can't wait to hear about the half marathon!!

  3. See, you did just FINE on your vacation, even without tracking or exercising!! What a great feeling! I hope you have a great time on Saturday ~ kick some butt!!

  4. Good luck on your race Brooke! We'll all be cheering for you from around the globe!

    Thats great that you enjoyed your vacation and managed to stay where you started! That's a huge thing!

  5. I would cry too! It's a huge accomplishment.
    We'll be cheering you on from all over blogland!

  6. Wow, that's awesome! I think you get what they call the runner's high. I definitely got it for my 5k but then some hills got the best of me.

    Good luck on your half marathon!

  7. You will do so great! I'll be thinking about you!

  8. oh i'm soooo excited for you!!!!

    1. yes, you will cry. it kind of stinks because it's really hard to run when your body is crying! so you will stop crying because it's more annoying than anything. and you'll cry at the finish. that's awesome.
    2. you're not going to be last. i promise. but even if you do (which you won't) you'll rock.
    3. awesome about your cheering squad. so happy they're all going to be there!! :)

    cannot WAIT for pictures!!!!! good luck! i am sure i will say that 5 more times before this weekend!

  9. Wishing you light feet for your run! Visualize. When you start to get tired, just visualize those marathon runners from the Olympics and focus on that vision!! Good luck!

  10. You are doing so well! And I swear I say this every. single. time. But you're amazing. :)

    PS: Good luck @ the upcoming race!

  11. You crack me up!! The comment about Rebecca made me laugh...I was thinking the same thing. I was so proud of her for running the marathon but after listening to her huff and puff while crying as she ran, I was getting annoyed with her! I can see how it's an emotional experience, though.

    Wishing you the best of luck!

  12. Way to go on taking a vacation and not gaining much....what is 2 pounds?


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