November 06, 2009

Reader Questions - Part 2

While I'm off on the sunny shores of Cali, here are a few more insites into my mind.  Assuming you can handle it!

Now here's your reader questions...the married edition:

Kim - What's one thing about married life/your DH/or in-laws that you know now but you wish you knew then?

No matter what, he’s still their perfect baby boy. Never forget that.

Jen - Has marriage changed you in any way?

I’m not sure if it’s the marriage, or the dating process, but I’m certainly more mature. I stepped up and volunteered to help my sister cook for the BIL’s birthday party. Probably because I didn’t realize until Jay how much work being responsible/accountable to someone other than yourself was.

Life With Kaishon - Did your husband mind getting married in church even though he is not really into religion?

He actually loved the church that we chose for our wedding. I am a member of a large church (2,000-3,000 members) which I’ve always felt is too big for the intimate feel of a wedding. I’ve always considered a destination wedding in the back of my mind.

Jay and I visit Cades Cove frequently (as I’m sure you’ve noted by the almost weekly pictures of our trips out there) and we both agreed one of those old churches would be perfect. I’m not sure who first suggested it, but he liked the idea every bit as much as I did.

He loves history and nature and the churches in Cades Cove are surrounded by both. Also, since it isn’t currently in use as a church, it doesn’t have the strings of a specific belief system. (Although it was a Missionary Baptist Church in its day.)

To me it was still a house of the Lord. To him I think it was just more a beautiful old structure.

I hope that makes sense!!

Mari - Where do you see yourself in 10 years? What do you think you life will look like at that point?

I have hopes, things that are doable but won’t be easy. Then I have a more realistic look.

In 10 years I expect to be living in that farm house Jay and I have been discussing for a while. I would love (and think we can if we really push ourselves) to have it completely paid for in a decade. Realistically I though, I have no doubt that we’ll be in the house. Probably with a couple of kids cluttering the place up.

I don’t have lofty career aspirations. I work for the insurance, to make sure Jay is covered and we would go bankrupt if he were to have an accident. I’d be content still working at my same job in 10 years. Maybe a little bored, but appreciative of all that it offers me.

As far as personal goals, I hope to have completed at least one sprint triathlon and one full marathon. I haven’t worked those into the official plan yet, but their hanging out in the back of my mind.


  1. I think that's what marriage does - you start thinking of someone other than yourself. Too funny about your in-laws...I guess I'll have to remind myself of that when I'm a MIL.

  2. and so the journey begins of others first, self second!! :)

    It's a wonderful journey, marriage, when you marry your soulmate. Im so different now (but the same) in so many ways but it's a good different. It's fun to grow up together. Anyhoo, I see a tri in your future too! Hahahah

    Happy vacation girlie!

  3. I've enjoyed reading your answers. I like where you think you'll be in 10 years!

  4. Good answers! I think you CAN pay off your farm house in a decade. You seem to make great decisions on budgeting & stuff! I hope you have a wonderful vacation!!

  5. I love learning more about you!! Great post!

  6. It's a wonderful journey, marriage, when you marry your soulmate.
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