November 12, 2009

Reader Questions - Part 4

Rachel - Would you rather be dirt poor for the rest of your life but do something you loved, or have tons of money and be miserable?

Dirt poor and do something I loved. Without a doubt

I grew up with parents who didn’t have a lot of money. “Dirt poor” would be a stretch, but we saw times where having Spam or Freezer Queen Salisbury steak was a real treat to us. But I never remember not feeling loved. My parents went out of their way to make sure we did things, even if we couldn’t afford much. Like vacationing at the beach eating our bologna sandwiches in the motel room. Yes I mean motel. With an “M”. As in Motel 6. Or the Roach Bug Motel. I have just as many fond memories of those trips as I do when they were able to take us to Hawaii.

I’m a frugalista, and having financial security is amazing. But its not going to snuggle me on the couch watching TV. If I can’t be happy the 40+ hours I’m at work, chances are that would carry over into my personal life. What good’s having a paid for house if you can’t enjoy life?

Lora - Who is the one person outside your family who has most influenced you for the better?

Since it was family who brought me to the Lord (specifically my mother), I’d say that I’ve been most influences recently by a couple of good friends/coworkers. We Bible study together every week, and they challenge me to think about my actions (as a wife, as a daughter, as a friend) through God’s perspective.

One of these ladies is also the friend that encouraged me to get active and be more responsible with what I eat. While that may sound superficial, (and I’m grateful that I’ve lost 13 pounds because of it) the long-term ramifications are huge. How can I expect to teach my children to have good eating habits if I don’t know how to do the same for myself?

Also, my new found love of running has been great at boosting my self-esteem – beneficial for myself, as well as the next generation. Even if Jay and I don’t have kids, I want to be a good example for my niece and nephew.

Lois - If you could live anywhere, where would you live?

I could never move away from my family, so I would choose here. Although since I get to be choosy, I would chose to move my sister and her family closer. Also, I’d want a beach house. Probably either Tybee Island just outside of Savannah, GA or near Charleston, SC. After this trip I might change my mind and want a 3rd home out west!! (Depending on how much money you’re giving me for this move, of course :P)


  1. I am SO with ya on the first one. And we stayed at Motel 6's too =)

  2. Awesome answers. You're awesome. :) Hope you've had a blast on your vaca!


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