November 10, 2009

Reader Questions - Part 3

Welcome to your questions - the light hearted edition!!

Jen - What about a bucket list - have you made one and what's on it?

I’ve made one – and completed it!!

1) See a game at Yankee Stadium
2) See Brett Favre play at Lambeau
3) Get married

I’m working on a new list, which includes completing my half this fall and running a full marathon…sometime.

AmyWho’s your favorite band/singer?

Third Day. I was fortunate enough to see them in concert a couple of weeks ago and Mac Powell’s voice is just as strong/amazing live as it is in their recordings. I love that they are a real Christian rock bad. Not the kind that are ambiguous and try to pass off a love song as a song for God.

My favorite of their songs, Can’t Take the Pain, makes me cry every time I hear it. At first listening, I kept thinking “Wow, he’s got me nailed. I am that wavering in my faith.” Then when it got to the end…wow, that’s not me.

That’s Peter.

And I can only pray that I over come my fears the way Peter did.

So much for light hearted. Moving right along...

Lora - I'm ordering pizza for us. What toppings do you choose?

Green pepper and onion. I use to be a pepperoni girl, but my MIL introduced me to the heaven that is a veggiesaurus pizza

Lora - Describe your favorite pair of shoes

My black sketchers flip flops. In the summer I wear them with everything. It was hard parting with $20 for a pair of flops, but I’ve worn them several summers now and they are still holding up great!

I also have to say my running shoes, but for a different reason. I’ve never spent over $100 on any clothing item outside of my wedding dress and high school prom dress, so that was a tough purchase too.

In my head, they were my validation though. No longer was I the girl that just grabbed a pair of tennies at TJ Maxx to occasionally run in. I was the runner, who went to the running store. They watched me run and chose what type of support I needed. Sounds official huh? Yeah, that’s how they made me feel. Not to mention they feel heavenly on my feet.


  1. I hope you are enjoying your vaca!! I just need to know what kind of running shoes you got!

  2. I'm impressed that you made a bucket list and completed it!


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