November 12, 2010

Fitness Friday

While completing my long run (15 miles) last week I had what I thought to be a genius idea.  I'd love to hear what you think about it, possible logistic problems, benefits, etc.

I always carry my phone with me during long runs for safety reasons.  What if I trip and fall and can't make it back to my car?  (A long shot, I know.  Ahem)  What if someone tries to kidnap me and calling 911 then getting a picture of the car's plates is my only means of defense??

Can you tell my mind is very active during these long runs?  When you've got 3 hours and only the thoughts in your head to entertain you it takes you to some interesting places.

Last week was the one and only weekend I'm ever expected to work.  Our big Winterfest kickoff even requires some weekend planning when its on a Monday, and since I'm the coordinator's right hand gal Saturday work happens.

Since I was going to be in town for my long run anyway, I volunteered to meet the guys dropping off our tents.  I was told they would arrive from 10-12, so I had to start my run a little early.  For my long runs, I typically map an out and back course so that I don't go past the same point more than twice. 

If they called at mile 12 of 15, there would be no way for me to cut it short in order to get to them sooner.

When I heard the beep of my voicemail alert at mile 11 I almost panicked.  Sure enough it was the driver telling me he was on his way.  I called him back and he kept saying a location that was not associated with us.

Thankfully he had just gotten the tickets wrong.  He was on his way to his first stop, and called us by mistake.  I hurried and called our event coordinator - he had called her when he wasn't able to get in touch with me and she was coming into town to meet him.  Thankfully, I caught her as she was just leaving her house so she could turn back around.

While all of this was going down, I was running.  Sure its not very professional to be panting in some one's ear (at least not in my profession) but he was early so I didn't feel too bad.

Making those phone calls made the time go by much quicker, which led me to wonder.  I mean what else am I going to do for the final hour of my run??

What if I wore my blue tooth during the race?  I'd have to carry my phone any way to meet back up with Jay, Kirsten, Karena, Roo (you're still coming right??) and Christie O.   Why not clip the ear  piece in and have it turned on.

I thought about talking to friends/family and setting up a schedule.  At the top of every hour have someone different lined up to call and chat for a few minutes.  And if I hit the wall and needed someone to talk me through it, I could pull out my phone and call someone up.

What do you think?  Do you runners think its a good idea?  What sort of issues might I have?

For you non runners, how would you feel if someone asked you to do this for them?  Am I being self centered and presumptuous?

The race starts at 5:30, but I'm sure for the first hour or so I'll be just fine.  If I started the shifts at 7, my mom (an insomniac) and sister (mom to a 2 year old who doesn't believe in sleeping in) could handle the early morning hours and then normal humans could kick in.

I would love your input.  I think its a great idea, but since I came up with it I might be a little bias!!


  1. Hey, I have thought of this myself - maybe we could all call each other. It would be like having a virtual running partner! Thoughts?

  2. Love the idea! I, however, do pretty much nothing but swear when I run so I wouldn't be that much fun on the phone...unless you're into that sort of thing.

  3. I think it's a great idea ~ whatever it takes to get you through! If you were able to talk all that time while you were running, then it shouldn't be any harm!

  4. Go for it! And yes, I'll be there. :)

  5. you are too funny! I think it would be so funny to run next to someone during a marathon while they were on a blue tooth. That would make me laugh.


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