November 18, 2010

Thankful Thursday - Choose Your Own Adventure

Good morning all!  Its thankful Thursday.  I've got so many blessings in my life - so why am I so grumpy?

The lie I'm believing: I'm stressed/nervous/anxious about going to a semi-formal charity event tonight.

I feel like a fake, a phoney.  People are going to look through my fancy dress and see the blue collar blood running through my veins.

The Voice of Truth: My husband's business has been blessed to include a network of people hosting this event as well as money to donate to help this wonderful cause.  The only people who will care that I purchased my designer silk dress for $13 at a consignment store would be impressed about the awesome bargain I got.  And hello -  I'm wearing a designer silk dress!

The lie I'm believing: I'm fat.  I have nothing to wear.  A glimpse into the mirror is disgusting.

The Voice of Truth: I'm healthy.  Sure I'm not the 123 pounds I was at the first of the year.  But that girl was also anemic and unable to churn out the kind of mileage/pace that I'm doing now.  While I hope to find a middle ground between then and now, I'd much rather be this girl.  A little pudgy, with a bottom her hubby can't help but smack - and able to race.
I have plenty to wear.  Too much really.  That's why I have a hard time finding clothing.
As far as looking into the mirror...apparently I need a new mirror.  The mutant seems to be enjoying what he sees. 
The lie I'm believing: Having to get up and go to work every morning (not to mention the difficult of finding time for my medium runs) sucks.
The Voice of Truth: I'm incredible bless.  Not only do I have a job, I have a job with excellent benefits.  Yes, its true I get a bonus of $50 every 3 months just for working out.  I have incredible health insurance (necessary given the Mutant's hemophilia), vacation time and sick time.  I couldn't ask for anything better!  Well I could, but it wouldn't be realistic. :P
The lie I'm believing: I totally flaked on my run last night. As per my training schedule it was supposed to be an 8 miler. 4 miles were completed outside, then the dark forced me to retreat inside to the treadmill where I was only able to churn out another 6.2.

The Voice of Truth: I didn't want to run at all yesterday. I even had an out - I had forgotten to pack my sports bra. But instead of throwing up my hands and bagging the whole thing, I completed over 3/4s of the prescribed mileage (wearing a friend's too big bra).

The lie I'm believing: I'll never be able to complete a 26.2 mile race!   What have I gotten myself into??

The Voice of Truth: To quote the bondiband I won from Christie O's giveaway - I can and I will!!

Do you know what the first song that came up on my IPod (yet another thing to be thankful for)??  "I will choose to listen and believe The Voice of Truth."
I'm very thankful to have a God who puts up with my fits of ungratefulness, yet still loves me.
What are you thankful for today?


  1. way to turn that negative self-talk into truth girl!

  2. "What are you thankful for today?"

    My top 3 today:

    - That Mr. Handsome-and-Handy's eye did not get impaled by the pulley that shot off the new blinds we got when he was trying to fix them this morning. (It's painful - he got in to see the doctor earlier and will soon be seeing the eye doctor - but it could have been so much worse.)

    - The new windows adventure is DONE! (Well, except for the eye thing, and the exterior painting to follow... ;-)

    - That you're able to counter all of those lies with The Voice of Truth. (I'm especially impressed with the awesome bargain you got on the dress!) Smile and hold your head high - you might think you have "blue collar blood running through [your] veins," but didn't your mom say that you and Jay s*** gold? I'd take solid gold poo over "blue blood" any day. ;-)

  3. I am glad you know the truth. I feel so sad that your body images are so overwhelming and a part of your every day. When I look at you I see so many good things. I don't see flukes. Life is too short to see flukes. Love, FAT Becky : ) who still looks in the mirror and smiles because God gave us a new day and a new chance to give back to others. LIFE IS SHORT! Have fun tonight and rock your dress. I love a good deal : )

  4. a great step in compatting that negative self talk into positive!! So proud of you!!

    I have that band too!!

    today I am thankful for:
    *Tinsel vixens making me focus on the food & moving again!
    *the warm house as temps dip outside
    *working from home making it so I don't have to go out in the dipping temps :)

  5. That's a great song & a great reminder to listen to the voice of Truth!

    RYC ~ I'm sorry I made you cry! I appreciate your empathy, though! I think I'm in a mood because Aunt Flow is coming to visit soon. ;P

  6. What a great post. People have been posting thankful things on Facebook all month. I think it's great. I'm greatful for bloggy friends who remind me to eat my veggies, exercise, and no self negative talk! I got two out of three done. Not to bad for a first start.

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  8. Listen to that voice of truth!


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