November 10, 2010

Weekly Check In Time!

No, I'm not referring to the lack of consistent blogging here recently, (That should start to change next week) but rather the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jean's Weigh in/Check in Wednesdays.

Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans

Even before the new challenge was posted, I decided to jump back on the bandwagon.  I need the accountability.  I still want to pursue the Intuitive Eating route and I never want to be chained to the scale again. However I desperately need to break the fast food and coke cycle I've been on lately.

Today I will run 7 miles.  That's my medium distance run.  16 this weekend is my long.  My body needs fuel full of nutrients.  My body also needs proper hydration something it hasn't been getting with my 1-2 a day Dr. K habit.

Each Wednesday I want to check in, let you know how marathon training is going as well as asking you to hold me accountable for my food choices.  I'm not going to consider it a big deal if I eat a cookie after lunch, UNLESS I don't accompany it with good foods.

Like today I had a ham and cheese sandwich w/mustard on wheat bread, tortilla chips, mixed veggies w/ranch AND cookie.  I consider today a success.

Monday (which was crazy because of work so I'm taking a free pass) would be considered a big fat fail.  I had 2 donuts for breakfast, 3 pieces of pizza and a can of Pepsi for lunch, nachos and cheese for snack, and a corndog for dinner.  Where's the fuel there? 

I'm not beating myself up for it because Winterfest Kickoff (Monday's event) is the most insane day of my work year.  I didn't have a lot of options available to me.  Sure I could have packed a more appropriate breakfast/lunch/dinner but I didn't. 

And I felt like crap for it.

I don't mean I mentally beat myself up.  My body felt horrible.  Like I had pumped it full of toxins and it was struggling to get rid of them.

I really think that's what I needed to get back on track.  I don't think I can go so far as to say "no cokes" and "no fast food".  April is right - they are my weakness and need to be limited.  I've just found lately that whenever I put the "off limits" sign on something it makes it all the more attractive.

I pledge to you, but mostly to myself, that I will make sure my body's nutritional needs are met.  Then and only then will I allow myself an indulgence.  I am starting back meal planning - my key to successful eating.  I will be thoughtful about when I don't feel like cooking (7 mile run after an 8 hour workday anyone?) and I will plan in advance.

I'm doing well so far.  Baby steps.  Last night we had veggies and a baked potato with chili.  Tonight is Mexican Bean Soup in the crock pot.  Both healthyish meals (compared to pizza rolls at least), both easy to make. 

Now to our final order of business - the Sisterhood has challenged us to create our own teams for the new challenge we're starting on the 17th.  I'd like to be on a team that focuses more on taking care of ourselves more than the number on the scale (though I'm confident the number will move as we put more thought into what we're putting in our bodies).

Please let me know by Monday if you're interested in being on my team.  Also I'm not sure how we'd track progress.  Meals planned and executed?  Water drank?  Miles logged?  Or a variation.  Even if you don't want to join a team your advice on this would be greatly appreciated!!

We need 4 more team members!  So far its me, Jaime, Kim, and Terri.  I'd love for some of you non-sisterhood bloggy friends to get involved. 


  1. ooooooo can I be in your team?! sounds like exactly what I need too!! I was unhappy w/the scale number this morning but what can I complain about, I haven't been properly fueling or hydrating it either!

  2. Hey, I wouldn't mind being on your team. I don't really care about the number on the scale (because I'm old and it doesn't really matter anymore), but I do need sufficient, high-quality food to support my habit (running!) and to help prevent illness and injury. Like you, I feel like crap when I eat garbage, and I don't like that feeling anymore. For me, this doesn't mean no treats - it means an occasional treat amid a mostly healthy diet.

  3. I'm so in! While it would be nice to lose a few pounds, I really just want to focus on eating healthy and exercising on a more consistent basis.

  4. Can I be on your team?!

    Welcome back by the way! I appreciate your pledge!

  5. How many people are allowed on a team? I'd love to be on your team, scale-based challenges don't really work for me anymore. (Though I can dig a "good habits"-based challenge!)

  6. Wow. Seven miles is your MEDIUM run??!! That's my long one this week, lol.

    I'll be on your team (I think, lol!!). What does it consist of doing?

  7. Brooke, You are an amazing woman and YOU CAN DO anything you set your mind to! Just look at how far you have come with your running this year....and you are constantly learning more about yourself! You can drop those cokes and junk food....IF I CAN so can YOU!!

  8. sounds great! i don't know as i'm necessarily up for a challenge, but if you come up one member short i will take that as a sign ;)

  9. I think you have a good plan! It sounds like a healthy way to go about things. I need to better, too ~ especially with this being holiday season!! I've been eating a bunch of junk lately. ;P

  10. Glad you are back! you were missed!! And. oh oh oh pick me pick me pick me I want to be on your team!

  11. way to go yo!
    awesome. You can do it. seven miles is a ton.

    best tip-- enjoy the process. I turn on my ipod to podcasts, sermons, music, and i just lose myself. there is no better way to connect with you then have some serious alone time.

  12. Yay for getting back on track! That's awesome that you are wanting to fuel your body more.

    and you know I had a cupcake after today's healthy lunch so I can totally understand what you mean.


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