November 07, 2010

The New Old Married Couple

Its official - Jay and I are no longer newlyweds.  And since I'm working a 12+ hour shift at work on our anniversary (Monday) I haven't gotten into a very romantical mood about it.  Since we were out of town for our anniversary last year, we never got around to eating the top tier of our wedding cake.  We'll be doing that, as well as enjoying a bottle of wine we bought in Napa last anniversary.

If you'd like to read the sappy account feel free to click here and here for a complete walk through the day (pictures included).  Other wise grab a can of Natty Ice or PBR out of the cooler and settle back to enjoy some random facts from my wedding day.

  • I seriously considered wearing camo flip flops under my dress.
  • My father yelled out the car window into traffic "If you wanna see a bear go to the d@mn zoo!"
  • Dressed in my veil and full bridal makeup, I flipped off another vehicle as we sped by.
  • My flower girl didn't wear shoes.
  • There was no electricity in the church.
  • The father/daughter dance was to a song about a homeless man.
  • My tuxedo clad husband crawled under his our vehicle to bang the starter with a hammer so that we could get the honeymoon started.
All of that, and it really couldn't have been more perfect.  I suppose if you don't know our wedding story you really do have to read the sappy version.  Despite evidence to the contrary, it really was a beautiful day.


  1. First - I hate spammers. Get lost, spammer!!!

    Second - Happy Anniversary!

  2. Happy Anniversary!!!! I hope you find some time to get at least a little bit romantical ;0

  3. Happy Anniversary! I agree with Bari. You need to find some time for a little romance.

  4. Happy Anniversary to you both! :-) Hope you get a chance to share a romantic moment!

  5. Happy anniversary!!

  6. Haha! Love it!!! Happy anniversary!
    And you should have worn your camo flip flops...I wore flip flops and to this day people who were there don't believe me!

    FYI- I think you're still a newlywed until you hit 5 enjoy :-)

  7. I've been married longer than you, and I still claim newlywed-ness :) Happy anniversary!

  8. Awww...happy anniversary!!! I keep forgetting that you (STILL) are newlyweds! =) But, I like to think that we'll always remain newlyweds.

  9. Happy Anniversary!!! Now go eat that cake topper!


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