November 29, 2010

Thankful Monday's Ten

I've decided to combine Thankful Thursday and Thursday's 10.  Sure, its Monday already, but its my blog and I can do what I please!!

  1. My familyThey are the greatest thing ever.  Really. 
  2. Black Friday shoppingI didn't need anything, just enjoyed the experience with my parents and Jay.  This isn't something I get to do when we're spending Thanksgiving with Jay's family.  The town's only store is Dollar General and I've never heard of them having door buster sales. 
  3. My In-LawsWhile I don't think they understand my desire to run (neither does my family) they went out of their way to help me get my 17 miler in yesterday.
  4. Good healthIts trite, sure, but after the year my family has had its not something we take for granted.  My anemia, my grandmother's foot surgery followed closely by congestive heart failure, now my mom's thyroid issues.  Hopefully 2011 will be a more healthy year, but I'm thankful that we made it through and even got most everything either fixed or diagnosed. 
  5. My runningThe ability, both physical and mental, to run 17 miles.  15 of which was on a treadmill.  Yes, I know I'm incredible.  But thank you for noticing.  Also the incredible change in my running since getting rid of the anemia.  11:30 for a long run?  Who'da thought it was possible??
  6. The BibleI'm exploring new parts, thanks to my read the Bible through in a year plan.  Of course I was supposed to be done back in May.  And I'm no where near close to being done, but I'm reading Isaiah for the first time.  Can't say I'm enjoying it, but its important to wade into uncharted waters.
  7. ReadingBeyond the Bible, I just love reading.  I lost it last year, just because I had trouble balancing training for races with other parts of life. This year I'm very close to my 52 books read for the year (with a little help from audio books.)  I'm currently listening to a fiction book by one of my favorite authors (Anita Shrieve) and reading a non-fiction book by a financial guru (Larry Burkett).
  8. The InternetI've said it a million times, but its worth repeating.  Yall are great :)
  9. My jobSometimes its hard to get up and get to work.  Sometimes the job itself is stressful, but over all I can't complain.  I have great benefits, great flexibility.  Who else in the world (besides professional athletes) gets paid to work out??
  10. My bathroom remodel!!!!!Um...sorry...I meant my hardworking husband who has done well enough this year to allow for the master bath being gutted.  Hopefully sometime next week I'll no longer have to hold my ankle in my hand in order to shave my legs!
Even though Thanksgiving has passed - I don't think it hurts to consider our blessings.  What are you thankful for this November?


  1. Your prayers had already been answered, dear. Did you not read my comment on your last post?!? I SAID that the book we're reading is one I already blogged about on 10/25. ;)

  2. love the combination, and who cares what day it is? thankfulness doesn't have an expiration date :)

    i read your fb post about running 15 miles on the treadmill --CRAZY good!

  3. Amen to your last statement -- especially as probably both of us had a four-day holiday and weren't happy about going to work today, lol!

  4. You are right, it is your blog and you can do what you want :) Great post! I am thankful for my family!

  5. Sounds like it was a great holiday plus 17 miles? Wow! I'm thankful that Thanksgiving is over and we can get started on celebrating Christmas!

  6. Great list!

    I woke up to my house smelling like a Douglas Fir Christmas tree. So Christmas trees are on my list today :)

  7. Great post - and still can't believe you did 15 miles on the treadmill. You're an inspiration and I may try it later this week!

  8. what a great list! I'm still so impressed by your mileage on the treadmill. Your in-laws sound amazing, helping you get your mileage in. :)

  9. I'm thankful for YOU, Brooke! And look at you running 17 miles on a holiday weekend mostly on a treadmill? Seriously? You are my HERO. S-H-E-R-O :)


  10. Loved hearing all about your blessings of the year! We must remember all that we have and then we won't complain so much!! lol Great things to be thankful for!!


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