November 29, 2010

Shrinking Jeans Holiday Tradition & Recipe Vlog

I mispoke, but since I had taken several different takes I wasn't ready to have another redo.  In the recipe its either balsamic vinegrete OR balsamic vinegar and olive oil.

Your ingredients:
fresh spinach leaves
strawberries, capped & diced
crumbled feta cheese
sliced almonds
balsamic vinegar
olive oil.

Nutrition information varies, based on how you make your salad.  I go easy on the oil, relying on the vinegar to coat the salad.  I love feta so I probably put a little more on my version than most people.

I had to work quickly to get all my chatter in 2 minutes, take one was almost 5 minutes long!!

PS - I forget that I have an accent.  Seriously, compared to the rest of my family I speak "normal.


  1. You are SOOO darling! I loved seeing this Vlog and hearing your voice (and you have a cute little accent too!).
    You know, we all read these blogs but to actually put a voice with a persons words and face is just awesome!!
    Thanks for sharing your tradition it is lovely. Your Spinach salad looks yummy and healthy.
    Have a Super week :-D

  2. I loved this. It's so fun to see you and hear you too! Your accent is so cute too. :)

  3. oh, that was fun to watch! :) i hardly ever watch a full vlog, but i made an exception for you ;)

    i'm a fan of salad in any form. thanks for sharing!

  4. Love it!!! Great recipe :) I love to eat spinach salads!!!

  5. Hey Girl! It was so great to hear that awesome accent of yours again :) I love your tradition. Going to our candlelight service was almost what I put in my vlog, but I changed it at the last minute. When I was younger, we always went to the 11:00 pm service and would sing O Holy Night at midnight. Now, the service is earlier and usually ends with Silent Night, but it is still so special and helps us remember the real reason we celebrate Christmas.

    Love you, girl. Merry Christmas to you, too :)

  6. Ahh you're so cute! This recipe sounds yum, too. I make one similar without feta cheese.

    And maybe it's because I'm from southwest Louisiana and grew up surrounded by rednecks and cajuns, but I thought you sounded very refined!

    Tha's cawze wuh-ee tawk lack theeus. LOL

  7. You sound normal to me, but I'm a Texan so accents are the norm around these here parts! ;) The recipe sounds great! I'm totally going to make it soon! I like your tradition, too. We went to the Christmas Eve candlelight service for the first time at our church last year, but we all thought we should make it a tradition! It's the eating afterwards that we still need to figure out. We decided to go out to eat, but a nice meal would be good, too!

  8. O-M-G! Your accent is so freaking cute! Seriously!!

    Great that it is easy. Thanks for sharing your tradition!!

  9. Glad you got your vlog up! I loved putting a voice to your face and words!! What a wonderful tradition! I love it...and the salad would be great if I could get past the "idea" of spinich leaves!! Maybe someday! lol

  10. haha You have an accent, but not really a deep, Southern drawl accent. It's cute. ;)

  11. Because I'm a slacker, I'm just *now* getting to watch this. You are totally not Minnie Mouse nor do you sound 12. But the accent I wasn't expecting, but I should have been!


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