June 28, 2012

Daily Thanks - the Heat Wave Edition

I'm not feeling very thankful today, and of course I did a horrible job of keeping up with these daily (kinda the whole point).  However I find a grateful heart is most needed on days I have trouble counting my blessings.

Friday - Shorts!

A friend of my mom's gave me a pair of shorts, but until Friday I hadn't had the nerve to wear them.  Turns out {spoiler alert} they are far more flattering than the bermudas I had been wearing to cover up my legs.

Saturday - Shopping with family

With an emphasis on family.  My mother, aunt X 2, grandmother, cousin and I met up to shop the Repeat Boutique 70% off sale.  I walked out with 5 items totaling $14.09.  A disappointing result for my usual, but I  like the pieces I got.  Yet another camera/blog project to look forward to next week.

Sunday - A nap

I'm pretty sure I used this one last week too, but nothing beats a Sunday afternoon nap.  Nothing.

Monday - Community Pool

Jay and my dad worked at the new cabin on Monday afternoon, so my mom and I took them supper.  We also took a dip in the community pool that is within walking distance to the cabin.

Tuesday - Netflix Recommendations

Terri recommended the movie If a Man Answers and it finally made its way up in our queue.  Jay's not typically a fan of older movies (this one is from the 60s) but we enjoyed this one.  As always hit me up in the comments with any recommendations you have!

Wednesday - Cleaning

While I don't enjoy cleaning (okay sometimes I'll admit that I do get a weird high from it, but that's probably just the chemicals talking), I do enjoy the benefits of cleaning.  Clean toilets are their own reward.

Thursday - Chill bumps

On any given day, I'll be overheard in my office complaining about the way the HVAC is ran.  Today's forecast is putting temperatures up to 100*.  I just had to make 2 laps around the building to warm up.  While I wish I had more control over the thermostat in my office, I'm very thankful that none of my family has to work out in this heat.  

Looking back over the week, for what are you most thankful?


  1. I LOVE that movie! I pretty much love all Sandra Dee and Bobby Darin movies.

  2. I am thankful for my husband, even though we are fighting right now.


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