June 27, 2012

First World Problems

  • I've forgotten every day this week to bring my camera to work.  
  • Said camera has pictures of me in shorts.  
  • I want to do "A 30 Something's Guide to Wearing Shorts" blog post but can't without the pictures.
  • Currently, I am drinking a cup of hot chocolate.  The outside temperature is 86*; the temperature in my office is -55*.
  • My Garmin charger is fried.
  • I had to borrow a friend's Garmin at lunch, and it isn't set up to "auto lap" on the mile marker.
  • My husband has been crazy-busy getting the house ready to put up for sale, and I've been having to stay up past my bedtime to see/spend time with him.
  • The first mile of the 4 I ran at lunch today was 10:03.  So much for all my splits being under a 10 m/m pace.
  • My 3rd mile was slower than my 2nd.  So much for negative splits.
  • The restaurant my dad picked for his father's day dinner is one of the few for which Jay and I don't have gift cards.
  • I went to the community pool on Monday and I didn't meet any of my neighbors.

You know you are having a first world problem if you can spot at least once blessing in each of your gripes.  Don't worry, tomorrow's Thankful Thursday and I promise to balance all of these out.

What first world problem are you dealing with today?


  1. LOL!! I feel you on the camera. I do my blogs, ahem, often at work, and when I forget my camera, I can't post!!!

    First world problem: Having to walk back to my office to get an extra quarter so I could go back upstairs to buy a diet coke. Sad, right?

  2. Well I for one can't wait for the shorts blog. Don't forget your camera!

    First world problem: I have to go swimming at 6:30 am unless I want the pool to feel like bath water because it's so frigging hot outside.

  3. This is so funny. Totally something you would see on Pintrest. I laughed outbound when I read this.


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