June 22, 2012

Financial Friday - Tightening the Belt

We closed on the cabin Monday and, in theory at least, should be tightening our belts in the frugal family household.  We've seen a lot of "out go" for fixing up the farm house to get it ready to put on the market as well as already written a check or 2 for work done on the cabin.  Add (or subtract rather) to that the diminished savings for the down payment and our savings account looks pretty sad.

In the interest of full disclosure (interest *sniffle* I remember what getting interest on money was like...), we haven't planned our June budget yet.  Sad huh?  Jay's been working his hiney off and instead of money talks we've been kicking back after a long, hard day's work with our feet propped up and a cold beer in our hands.  Well, sometimes my gets lukewarm.  I drink slowly.


We've really been slack this month with our spending - on a month it should have been MORE important to pinch those pennies:

Eating out - $116.49

This includes a $40 birthday dinner, but beyond we've eaten away at it (see what I did there?) a little at a time.  I hope to end the month under $150.

Groceries - $178.78

This includes adult beverages.  I suppose I should have separated those out and put them under "entertainment" or "pissed down the toilet" but I was too lazy.  I'm sensing a theme this month...

Jay's Personal Spending - $92.93

He bought a hat to replace one that didn't survive the washing machine.  The price of dip has gone up (his favorite store changed ownership), and he found a restaurant beside his office he likes.

Brooke's Personal Spending - $68.58

I'm doing better than him for a change!  This includes one race registration, some work on my bike, and a couple of fast food visits.  I'm hitting Repeat Boutique this weekend so I need all the $$$ I can get!!

How are you doing this month on financial goals?  Have you found what truly motivates you to work toward them (or any goal)?


  1. My personal spending was thru the roof this month. Drivers Ed, 3 bikes, airfare to Disney, hotel room for Dad, trip out of town for a funeral. Needless to say, we ADDED to our debt this month.

  2. I can't even think about all we have spent this month? Uhhhhhh

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