June 29, 2012

Financial Friday - The $15 question

This month, in a rare turn of events, Jay is almost over budget in his personal spending line-item and I am significantly under budget!  $40 to be exact.  I did, however, go over budget last month by $25, so I'm going to average those out and say I have $15 left for the month.

Given tomorrow is month-end, I've got some shopping to do!  The only problem?  I'm not quite sure what I want to spend it on.  Were I being responsible, I'd say to myself "Self, you've just bought a new house and are carrying 2 mortgages for the time being.  You should just let the extra sit in your account."

However, when I'm feeling fat I eat.  Likewise - when I feel scared about money I like to spend it.  The $15 question is "on what?"

I like the running music idea, but would need suggestions for some good new songs.  I've got plenty of books, so unless its a must read I think I'll pass.  What ideas do you have for me??

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  1. If I were going to spend it, I'd find something for the new house! But I also like clothes, so I might go find a couple of cute tops at a resale shop! If you really want music, I could tell you some of my favorites (or you could look at my Saturday posts for some that you like)!


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