June 21, 2012

Daily Thanks - The On-the-Move Edition

Friday - Uno Mas!

Now that we're neck deep into it, Jay and I love watching How I Met Your Mother.  Its fun just kicking back at the end of the day, watching stupid mindless TV and saying "Uno Mas!"  when its time to click through to the next episode.  We're currently in season 5 (of 6 available for streaming) and are taking applications for the position of new favorite show.  Suggestions?

Saturday - 7 Islands

I had a beautiful trail run on Saturday at the 7 Islands Wildlife refuge.  Kinda made me sad that I haven't used this resource (only a couple minutes away from my house) more.

Sunday - Daddy & Papaw

I'm so thankful to have a wonderful father and grandfather in my life.  I'd link you to the lovely tribute I did for them, but well...(see Tuesday)

Monday - Our new home!

We've still got some work to do on it before moving in, but we closed on Monday.  EEEEEEEEEE!  and EEEEEEEEEEEK!  all at the same time.  Now to sell our current home...

Tuesday - Backup Plans

Someone *coughJaycough* forgot to renew the Frugal Trophy Wife domain, so they shut the lights off.  I'm very thankful to have this ole blog to fall back on while we get everything back up and running over there.

Wednesday - MIB3

My parents took me to the movies and dinner for a belated birthday celebration.  Great movie, great family, and cheesecake.  What more can a girl ask for?

Thursday - Total Body weights class

Sad to dump my Iron Sisters, but the workouts just weren't meshing with my current training plan (and training buddies).  We've decided to try the class again.  I'm a little skeerd though, because I'm still sore from Tuesday's class.


  1. Gray and I are also in season 5 of HIMYM. :) I'm not sure what we'll watch next, I have like 40 shows in my netflix queue.

  2. Yay for the new home! I saw the pics on fb. I'm glad you have this place to blog while you get the other sorted out!

  3. Love the new home! It's beautiful!
    I keep seeing that show thinking I should give it a whirl. Now I know I need to....if Brooke likes it I will probably too!

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