July 25, 2008

Creative Wedding Idea

While the common trend in weddings is to hire a wedding planner to organize the event, my tight budget wouldn't allow me to pay someone to do tasks that I am more than capable of doing myself. Mr. Right and I new that we wanted to get married in Cades Cove, a section of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, most of the other details still had to be worked out.

We settled on a reception location - it was love at first site. When we first saw the Lodge at Hidden Mountain we fell in love. It had a rustic charm that matched well with the Missonary Baptist Church

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yet it still offered a classic elegance that every girl dreams about for her wedding. We had to change the Wedding date, because the room was already booked, but we decided that it was well worth it. Not only was the location perfect but the price was well under that of ordinary hotel conference rooms! Frugal tip number one - choose a location that won't take a lot of money to decorate!! With this location we don't even need table linens. The pounded copper would be a crime to cover up! Center pieces will be our only decorative cost for this facility.

As we were booking the room, she gave us an informational packet to help us along in the planning. Included was a list of catering choices. We weren't limited to that list, but it gave us a head start on who had been used in the past. From this list I found my Chef. She was able to give me what I wanted for a very reasonable price. In addition to that, she was very likeable. I realize a good personality doesn't have any effect on food - but it does make the planning process a whole lot easier and more stress free!!

In addition, she gave me another wonderful tip to make my wedding even more beautiful. She is currently planning her daughter's wedding, so she is full of helpful ideas. She suggested, since the cups at the hall are plastic, she suggested that instead I use mason jars. Brilliant idea, since it works perfectly with our theme. Its just another way to dress up the table without spending a lot of money.

The problem? I don't have 200 mason jars. I called my grandmother, but she has started canning less and less as she gets older. So I resigned myself to the less decorative plastic cups. I just couldn't justify spending $100+ on jars that wouldn't be used again.

Then God dropped the solution in my lap. At my church, there is a couple that my family has fallen in love with and they have adopted us as their own. My mom called one evening while I was at Mr. Right's house and told me that I needed to call my adopted grandmother. She had mason jars she was taking to the Good Will and she just wanted to check to see if anyone in my family wanted them for canning.

I immediately called her and let her know that I needed them. "You don't can?" "No, but I have a perfect use for them." I went on to explain how I was wanting them, but I couldn't get my hands on any. No doubt this was a blessing from God.

Frugal idea #2 using what you have on hand.

Frugal idea #3 appreciating the generosity of others.

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  1. It's so awesome that you're getting married in the cove...it's so beautiful there, and since it will be fall and the leaves will be changing colors, so it will be beautiful! I love that church too!

    So, you're not getting married on a football weekend, are you? Just kidding! Love ya!

  2. What a beautiful spot! Congragulations and God sure blesses us!

  3. Sounds like my wedding! I can't even start to list EVERYTHING we borrowed but some of the items were:
    - flower girl basket
    - candle holders for church windows
    - candle holders for centerpieces

    My mom salvaged all the glass "bud" vases we used on the tables.

    My mom's friend had a daughter recently get married and she gave us all the leftover punch glasses, cocktail napkins (white), plastic table covers, bubbles and other things I can't think of.

    But yeah, BORROW! Heck, I think if I could have found a used dress I liked, I would have borrowed that too:)

    Something else we did was tap into our families! My mom did the flowers, his uncle DJ's, his aunt was our photographer. We paid them, but not nearly as much as we would have paid others. His aunt's based wedding photography package is $2,000, she charged us $400!!

  4. That is a *beautiful* site!

  5. What a beautiful chapel for the wedding! And even better price! I can't wait to hear the rest of your wedding plans.

    Thanks for stopping by and visiting me! :)

  6. If you still need any more jars you could also check out freecycle.


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