July 11, 2008

Frugal Friday

My very first Frugal Friday, how exciting!! :) And while I have a million and ten different frugal tips, I apparently have stage fright. Here I am standing in front of the microphone and my mind has went blank.

Today I went to another florist to get price quotes on wedding flowers. The first store I went to gave me a quote of $100 for my bouquet and $50 each for my bridesmaids. That seemed a bit pricey to me, but I was assured by friends it was a good price. I kept shopping and found a florist today that will do the exact same flowers for $60 for mine and $35 each for the bridesmaids. They are a good quality florist (my darling love has purchased me flowers at this shop on many occasions).

So my frugal tip is this - SHOP AROUND! Be it for expensive wedding items or just groceries, visit different stores and get an idea who has the best prices.


  1. So true!

    Congratulations on your upcoming wedding.

    From one Lost fan to another. :)

  2. Hey! I got married 2 months ago and had my mom do all my flowers. We got 250 roses and oodles of carnations and spray roses from globalrose.com For all the flowers we paid $299 and they were BEAUTIFUL!! If you (or a mom, aunt, FMIL, friend, etc) are remotely crafty/florally inclined, you might able to do this too! If you want to see pictures of the flowers/boquets, how they came, etc just email me or leave a comment on my blog!


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