July 29, 2008

Wedding Crisis #1

The bridesmaids dresses process couldn't have went more smoothly. I was stressed at how we were going to go shopping when my sister, who just had a baby 2 months ago, insists that she's not trying anything on. And anything that fits her now better not fit her by the time the wedding gets here. (She's really not a diva, just hormonal). My cousin (and only other bridesmaid) suggested that we all meet up and shop for dresses off the rack. I had decided that I would be okay if my bridesmaids didn't have the same dress.

While I don't believe that God cares about trivial things (my mother and I have argued about whether or not God cares about the kind of curtains she has in the bedroom - long story), I do believe that God loves His children. Like any good father, He wants to calm our fears and anxietys. To my family who's "spiritual gift" is worry, He constantly has to remind us that He's got it all under control.

Lesson learned this time via TJ Maxx. My future MIL had gotten me some shirts for my birthday, but told me that I could return them for something else if I liked. She constantly apologizes for only buying me tops, but pants are just not as easy to fit. I tried on all 3 shirts for Mr. Right, and after getting his opinion, decided to return two of them. Side note - in exchange for the two tops, I got a GREAT dress!

God answered a prayer though a discount clothing store. Sounds ridiclous huh? But as I walked toward the dressing room I saw a tea length purple halter dress. Not exactly the shade I wanted, but definitely the perfect style to fit the body type of my bridesmaids. My biggest concern for my sister was finding something that would allow for her breastfeeding body. This empire waisted dress was perfect. I called both the ladies and asked what size they would need. Each requested a size up. For the price ($25) they could easily have it altered down to fit them if need be.

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I'm quite convinced that this qualifies me for best Bride of the year. Sure, they will probably never wear this dress again. Let's face it, for $25 who really cares. And we all really know that they would have never worn a $150 dress again either.

Which brings me to the actual point of this blog. Mr. Right is having a groomsman crisis. One has been fitted for a tux, but just started a new job and doesn't know if he'll get the time off work to make the trip down. The other isn't sure that he wants to be in it at all.

I can only say that God has now used this blog to remind me of His goodness. Funny, when I started writing...um...rambling I thought I was going to focus on the crisis. But the Lord instead reminded me that its not about the dress, or the tux, or even who is standing beside you. This is the day I would confess my love for Mr. Right before God and my family, and will make a convenant to always honor that love. As long as God's invited, I've got nothing to worry about.

"Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God." Phillipians 4:6


  1. God answers our prayers in mysterious ways! He also likes Wal-Mart & Sam's club...lol! I've found some of the neatest stuff to meet things I needed in the strangest places! Instead of buying a new filing cabinet for my office, I made a slipcover for an old one. After a little WD-40, and a hammer to the side of the bottom drawer, it's as great as a brand new one!

  2. Wow, amazing deal! Beautiful dress and I love the color! Honestly, I'm glad its not red, I've seen enough red weddings the past year!

    I had my bridesmaids dresses done by a seamstress and for 3 dresses plus my alterations (hem, taking in the sides) it was $100!!!! My friend that also had Sally alter her wedding dress was charged $100 for her alterations alone! It was definetly one of those times when you *know* that God is blessing you!

  3. Brooke, you do get Bride-of-the-year for thinking of the body styles of your bridesmaids instead of just "what you want to see in your wedding party." A trendy dress will only look so good if it's placed on the wrong body! As a woman who had "body issues" when I was nursing my daughter, I know how your sister feels and I think the choice you've made is phenomenal for a post-baby body. And even if your sis is back to pre-baby size by the time your wedding rolls around, she'll still look great in this style! When I got married my bridesmaids ranged from a size 2 to 18, from completely flat-chested to DDDs. I worked hard to find a dress that would be flattering for them all and make the larger girls feel beautiful and the smaller girls feel feminine. Thanks for posting on how He always knows what we need, even when we're looking for others!

  4. Very cute dress and a great deal! God does bless in amazing ways!


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