July 23, 2008

Minor Leagues

Last night was my trip with my parents and their old people group at the bank to see our local minor league club take on none other than the Biscuits. Seriously. Who names a baseball team after a breakfast food?

Any way, my mother assured us that last year many of the people brought their kids and grand kids to the game, and that the invitation did allow for them to bring guests. Mr. Right and I tag along because who can turn down free food and baseball?

I carpooled with my mother yesterday morning so that by the end of the evening one household wouldn't have 3 cars in town. I killed time after work at the gym (its within walking distance of my office) till my father picked me up. We met up with Mr. Right and headed to pick up Mama on the way to the field. This cheap family wasn't going to waste $3 for parking an extra vehicle.

I had changed from my work clothes, to my workout gear, to a nice shirt and shorts for the game. I hadn't looked the forecast to know that there was a chance of rain. Unfortunately, the 90 degree sun that has been camped out in our area all week was no where to be found. Not long after we go to the stadium it came a down pour. On top of that, it was also a pretty seriously electrical storm. There I sat, surrounded by old people (that's right, not including Mr. Right and myself, my parents were the youngest people there. so much for those kids and grand kids), shivering in my sleeveless top and shorts.

Dinner was excellent, if a little soggy. We were on a sky box patio, so we were covered, but the wind kept blowing the rain in. Once the rain eased up, I sent my knight-in-shining-armor to the car to get my work clothes. Who knew that I would need a sweater and long pants at a baseball game in July? Coral sweater and black pants please. They came back with my coral sweater and my black, snug fitting yoga pants. Thankfully they also came back with blanket from the car that I kept around my waist all evening. I didn't think the older set was ready for the booty pants.

After William Faulkner sang the national anthem (no kidding), the game finally got under way. The Biscuits quickly took the 2-0 lead in their half of the 1st inning, but then the Smokies quickly answered back with 3 runs (including one homer) of their own. My mom is older than her 50-something years, and so we packed it in and headed home shortly after 9 o'clock. Hopefully the Smokies were able to keep the lead because how humiliating would it be to get beat by the biscuits???

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