December 16, 2008

Girls Night In

Tomorrow is our GNO Christmas party and I'm hosting it at my home. My friends haven't seen the house since we've got it painted and all moved in, so I'm looking forward to having them over.

One of tomorrow night's festivities is a cookie swap. We're each making 3 dozen cookies then swapping them for different varieties (there are 5 of us total so I should get 4 different kinds of cookies).

I made up a batch of sugar cookies last night because the recipe calls for the mixture to sit overnight in the fridge. I bought green sugar to top the cookies with, but then a friend suggested I make thumbprint cookies. (I'm using my great-grandmother's recipe and will share it tomorrow if the cookies turn out okay.)

I had never heard of them before, but they sound delish! And it'll work with the cookie dough I already have made up. My mom made apple butter this summer, and I have some of that left over.

I think I'm going to do half standard sugar cookies and half thumbprint cookies. I'm getting hungry just thinking about them!

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