December 30, 2008

Movie Night Monday Review - Tropic Thunder

This is only my 2nd Monday taking advantage of the weekly free Redbox movie codes. I wrote down the code on a sticky note and tucked it in my wallet. Since I was headed to Walgreens for their monthly deals, I figured I would pick up the movie on my way out.

I entered the code 545D29 - invalid code.

I entered it again - still invalid.

Okay so maybe the 2nd "5" is supposed to be an "S".

54SD29 - invalid.

I sent a text message to a friend of mine. Just last week she and I had discussed the codes, and she had said she was on the lookout for free codes, but had only ever gotten one. When I got yesterday's code, I emailed her the link.

Thankfully her text message arrived just as I was pulling out of the Walgreens parking lot.

I pulled back up to the Kiosk and entered the code 545DZ9 - this time it worked! I know that my handwriting is horrible, but I couldn't believe it was so bad I confused a "Z" for a "2".

Thankfully my first choice, Tropic Thunder, was available. As expected, it was a hilarious movie. Full of fake partruding innards and profanity, but hilarious none the less.

Basically its a movie about making a movie. Robert Downey Jr.'s character undergoes pigment alteration surgery in order to fully immerse himself in his African American character. Some of the funniest moments are when the "other" black guy (who is actually African American) gets stick of Downey's charichatures and lets him have it.

I wonder how Jack Black felt, playing a drug addict - knowing the whole time the character was based on people like his costar Downey. From the credits (and to his credit), I believe Ben Stiller had his hand in almost every part of the movie.

I highly recommend it, unless you are a better Christian than me and can't stand to hear swear words thrown around like candy. Then you'd probably better stay away.

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  1. RYC - I think they misrepresented the Revelon products in the ad too! My store only had purple and white eye liner in stock, neither appeals to me, so I'm waiting for something better to come along.


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